Weekly Reflection 08/25/2018

Going through Star Wars Guys !!!!

Life is more difficult than you want it will be.

Life has more challenges and obstacles than you expect.

Life hurts.

And that’s okay, because that’s the way it is this side of eternity. Our choice lies not in whether or not we experience heartache, loss, and suffering. Our choice lies in how we experience it and react to it. Do we allow it to dominate us, or do we dominate it. These are fair questions–good questions. I’ve been wrestling with them myself recently.

As a result, I discovered something dangerous about myself.

1). The Week in Brief “Identify Your Malevolence; Then Eradicate it. “ I’m sure I’ve written previously about my deadly sins. They are many and multifaceted. Sometimes I feel like I hit all 7. Recently, as life’s hardships have been at the forefront of my attention, envy and bitterness seem to be the most prominent of my negative emotions. I noticed this very recently when I heard good news about loved ones. My first reaction was frustration rather than celebration. This response caught my attention. I knew it was wrong; dare I say, blatantly evil. I forced myself to wrestle with the motivations behind these negative emotions. I was not proud of them; it;s amazing how envy and resentment are the children of greed and pride.

I’ve been processing though this a fair bit–acknowledging, understanding, repenting. Rinse and repeat. I still have much to do; many thoughts that I must check. I’ll be doing this imperfectly, for certain. Frankly, I’m just thankful I’m doing it. I’m glad that I know what I’m doing. I’m glad Im addressing it. I’m glad that I am seeking to capture and destroy it, rather than allowing it to do so to me. I am grateful to the Lord, my friends, and my family for bearing with me–a sinner, and a most egregious one at that. It’s a strange thing to consider personal progress as identifying one’s latent or subconscious sins and refusing to allow them to continue. It’s far less exciting on the surface than say, dieting, exercising, or practicing some other “improvement”. Of course, if identifying ones shortcomings and seeking to overcome them isn’t improvement, than what is?


2). More Hope and Happenings. My failure to complete the second half of the FUTURE AUTHORING program now feels like a running gag. Let’s aim for before September.

GREAT STUFF  listed on eBay, and more will go live in the week to come!

3). Happy Landon! My son is sitting at the table with us during meals these days. Conversing with him about what he has been playing and how he feels is wonderful.

4). Recommended Media

JOHN PIPER on what he would do if he were 22 again

JORDAN B PETERSON and an initial lecture on the Biblical Stories in Genesis and on the necessity of free speech.

Here’s a TED talk on Data Collection, paticularly regarding identity politics.

And this is a pretty cool little video about music on the SNES !

Plus, here’s a great little piece of popculture art if you like music and Street Fighter 2  

And this little video about EVERY MAJOR HERO in Avengers : Infinity War

#onthedaily recap [omitting Friday since I failed to tweet it!]

This week, I was Grateful for my beloved wife; my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; my good God; new mercies every morning; and my son ! !!!

This week, I was Focused on doing well at everything I engage, on going to bed before 10:45, getting items on my to-do list [finished], recognizing resentment and processing through it; and being engaged during playtime with my son !!!!

This week, I refused to Worry about anything, money, my personal health issues, money, and all the things I do not have but deeply want !!!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK :  LEGO from my parents’ home : In 2017, my parents moved out of the home where they had lived for well over 30 years. It was full of STUFF, and I had the wonderful job of going through most of the toys, mainly to sell; and this summer, I tackled the multiple bins of Lego. I was separating it mainly between myself, 3 nephews, and a neice/brother-in-law. My method was unscientific and arguably selfish. I pulled the specific parts I had remembered loving as a child, then gave my nearby nephews a go at whatever they wanted. The remaining parts and minifigures I divided, though I’ll admit I did so unevenly. At first I was trying to divide specific pieces down to the color, and that got very tedious, arduous, and irritating quickly. Then I tried adjusting by counting things into general lots; but by the end, I gave into just dividing by handfuls. Ha!  I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I did this as much fairness as I could have; but I did it with at least enough fairness and equity that I would hope and expect all parties to be happy with the outcome. In the end, the parts will be essentially divided between my siblings’ households or their children, and I was able to keep the stuff I specifically remembered from childhood, which I will share with Landon. The collection will endure, possibly for another 30 years!