Weekly Reflection : 09/01/2018

Good times with my buddy!

Author and pastor Tim Keller has a wonderful phrase, “The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.” (The Meaning of Marraige) That is some soul food there, friends.

Read it again.
Let it hit.

More sinful than we dared believe, but more loved than we dared hope.

That really is good news.

It should help us forgive each other and ourselves, and live with courage.

Speaking of courage, let me tell you about this week.

1). The Week in Brief “Do not fear. Assess. Act. Move Forward. “ Okay, so in a few ways I am coward. Mainly, I fear rejection. Also, Spiders and Snakes (but that’s just being human, I think. Oh, Shark’s too). It’s probably why my writing career never materialized. Writing as a career is basically retooling rejection into motivation until success occurs. Then you rewrite forever.  Frankly, I think I’m cut out for that or I could be depending on who was doing the rejecting and what all I was writing.

But that’s not my point for this week. This is: Fear of rejection maintains problems; it never helps, and it keeps you static. So, conquer it. I am writing this for myself as much as anyone else. I have a handful of areas (literally could count them on one hand) where I am letting fear of rejection dictate my behavior and halting me from progress. I have come to realize it; I have begun to engage it. But the month of September is going to need to se some real change. As I’ve mentioned here previously, I am managing life better these days than I have in a while, but I have these few areas where I am too afraid of failure to take a first step. Now’s the time. 2018 is almost finished, but Lord-willing my life ain’t even close. I got thangs to do.

2). More Hope and Happenings.

I am trying to gt to 200 lines for Tetris on the SNES. It’s brutes. I made it to 173, but 200 is a long way from 173 when it comes to Tetris.

Did I finally complete the FUTURE AUTHORING program as hoped?? Nope. I did not get it done before September. Frankly, after the above paragraphs, I feel nothing but shame and conviction to get this thing finished (it is one of the things I fear completing, because I fear that I will never actually achieve the future I want. #REALTALK).

As usual, on thursday, I listed more toys and figures on eBay, and more will go live in the week to come!

3). Happy Landon! This week I taught my toddler about how we put action figures on stands because they don’t always stand on their own well. We made a game of putting figures’ footholes onto various pegs so they would stand straight and tall. It was a blast. Being a dad, with all its challenges, is one of the greatest aspects of my life.

4). Recommended Media

Here’s some fascinating insight from Jordan B Peterson on the difference of Wisdom and IQ

This compilation of preachers on marriage is stunning.

#onthedaily Recap

This week, I was Grateful for my morning routine that helps launch back into the workweek, good books and films, my relationship to God through Jesus Christ, my compassionate wife, free breakfast at work, and sleep !

This week, I Focused on doing well at my job, forgiving others and extending grace, overcoming fear and following proper instructions to achieve maximum results, using my time well, ending my workweek well, and on being patient !

This week, I refused to Worry about expenses that are both present and coming in the last months of the year, upcoming medical tests and procedures, bodily ailments that can heal, health concerns, difficult conversations, and short term losses that are necessary for long term gains !

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK :  THE BATMOBILE from McDonalds, a promotion Happy Meal Toy for the theatrical release of Batman Returns. I don’t like Batman Returns. I don’t think I ever have. But this Happy Meal toy may be one of the greatest of all time. The sculpt is an excellent exaggerated rendering from the film, still slick but clearly cartoonish, and the toy features a firing mechanism wherein the front of the vehicle separates from the back with the hit of a button. It’s pretty stellar.  Despite my feelings about the movie, I have always thought this one of the finest fast food giveaways in my lifetime. I still own my original from the winter of the movie’s release, but it broke long ago, and I glued the firing mechanism so it would stay in one piece. I found a second at a flea market for a nickel. That’s right: A Nickel!!! Landon and I play with that one, and it’s his first Batmoible. So we both have one. His works. Mine sits in a keepsake box. I love being a dad.