Saturday Morning with my buddy boo!

Full disclosure: This week’s been rough. No way around or around that fact. It’s just been tough from last week’s debrief to today’s

Here’s the conclusion I reached when reflecting on the long, difficult days.

1). The Week in Brief “Just keep Fighting.” I believe in God, the God whom Jesus Christ knew and of whom he spoke. I believe that God is the ultimate truth, the highest aim, and the author of being. I believe that civilization, or rather, all reality outside of God himself is a story he is telling to reveal his glory. I believe God has given all human beings agency to the degree that our choices belong to us and matter—both morally and concretely. I believe that God’s story is the best story, the real story worth telling and that we are all supporting characters in it. I believe that God has every right to do the things he chooses and also only makes the correct choice. I believe that God’s choices, the right and correct choices, can be challenging for us and even painful for us; however, before we start attacking God for that, let’s remember that sometimes our own good choices and right choices cause us pain. They can cause us very real pain in the present but yield immense future good.

And that’s my life this week. I am choosing to fight for what is good; to refuse despair or relapse into addictive behavior, and I am choosing to give of myself to others rather than take. These choices have been at the forefront of my mind, and they are the right choices to make. Fighting my inward propensities to quit and medicate is the right aim. But is a painful one–at times a devastating one. I do not know when the light is going to arrive at the end of this tunnel, either. So, I simply to fight. Hard. Until it comes. I hope I am able.

2). More Hope and Happenings.

I am still trying to get to 200 lines for Tetris on the SNES. I made it to 182. 182, friends.

Lots of goodies, especially STAR WARS goodies, on EBAY ! EBAY ! EBAY !

3). Happy Landon! My son is really, really into Veggietales right now, particularly the ep “Rack,Shack, and Benny”, which we have on Old School VHS!

4). Recommended Media

I’ll be honest, I fell down an internet rabbit hole this week and I watched a great deal of conpiracy related videos that I have no desire to share. But I do want to share this little celebration of humanity. 

And this very one-sided celebration of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I’ve been really into this flic the last week and a half, you know, watching the features and listening to the commentary and so forth. I really do LOVE this movie.

#onthedaily Recap (even though I missed a day)

This week, I was Grateful for good friends, my morning routine, my Lord and Savior, life itself, and my parents !!!

This week, I was Focused on enduring hardship without compromising integrity, getting a few things accomplished well, loving my family well, enjoying family, and supporting and engaging my spouse !!!

This week, I refused to Worry about money, things I failed to do yesterday that can be done today, a lack of sleep, the Lord’s timing, and feeling inadequate !!!

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK :  THE JOKER from Kenner’s THE DARK KNIGHT BATMAN Toy Line. Life continues to surprise me. As a youth, probably around ages 11-15, I was always on the hunt for a new Batman figure to be my “definitive” version of the character. It may sound strange, but it’s the way preteens work. The things you like form and shape your identity at that age; this is the reason that favorite bands, movies, and books hold such intense weight during that time–these things are more than interests, they are formative experience that we use to understand who we are and what we are feeling. So, yeah, since toys were my wheelhouse, finding my definitive Batman figure (and Spider-man for that matter) was a part of defining who I was at the time. Ironically, I never did. I went through Batman after Batman in different costumes and special action accessories. Meanwhile, I held onto the same original Joker I had received as a child (technically the third Joker I had as a kid). So, as I kept running through Batman’s looking for the color-combos and action features that helped define me as a person, this pink Clown Prince of Crime maintained his seat among my collection. Year in and Year out. Fast forward 20 years, and I still have him, and he’s still a great toy. He has a loud costume and devious grin; his joints are in great shape, and he even has the elusive jacket tails so often missing on this mold. It’s cool to have him still and even moreso to realize that in all my pursuits of a defining version of one iconic character, I wound up hanging onto this version of his arch nemesis.