Weekly Reflection : 09/29/2018

Saturday morning with the buds !

Amazing the difference your physical health can make on your mental disposition. Last week, I was struggling; a rough cold led to some real emotional turmoil. This week, I was feeling good physically and mentally. Work was rough, but I approached it fearlessly. I have encouraging things to share, and I love being in that head space.

Please enter it with me.

1). The Week in Brief “You May Be Doing Better Than You Think” 

It’s easy to focus on one’s internal shortcomings that no one else can see. You live with yourself 24/7; and you often spend far more time with the worst version of yourself than anyone would imagine even exists. Welcome to life; it’s the way it goes. For some folks like myself, this dynamic creates a certain amount of unhealthy self-loathing or, at least, unjust criticism. It also makes us lose sight of the still-authentic yet not wholly transparent version of ourselves that the world gets to see.

However, if you determine to continue living outwardly based on the inward ideal you are trying to attain, you may find yourself shocked at the results. This week, I certainly was. I had more than one occasion of genuine encouragement that I did not expect and that I initially felt was wholly unwarranted. When I took inventory as to why the complimenters felt how they did, it made sense. The version they’ve gotten of me is not the angst-ridden man who feels he cannot get his many messes into some semblance of organized chaos but rather a goal-oriented individual who seeks to genuinely and unabashedly encourage others as he is able. They see the person I truly aspire to be, even if my internal mechanisms have not entirely caught pace with my actions.

That being said, be encouraged. And as I’ve said, again and again, STAY THE COURSE of being virtuous, seeking good, and trying to be an asset to the world and those with whom you interact. Regardless of how you may be inwardly at war, live in such a way that you ideally want to behave.  You might find yourself shocked by the virtue you exhibit despite the vices of your mind. And when others tell you they see it, thank them. And commit to the course once more.

2). More Hope and Happenings

eBay was kind enough to offer NICKEL LISTINGS this passed week, and I worked my fingertips to the grind trying to get over 50 new items listed. Sales are good, and I am happy. Much more to come in the 10 Thursdays remaining. I will be attending a toy show in October to get one last inventory run before the year-end clearings begin.  I believe that they’ll go well.

As intended, this week I watched the Lord of the Rings—well, to a a degree, I had it playing while booking receipts and reconciling records for the home and business I am glad I have done so. They are such excellent pieces of work ; truly the best trilogy of films in my opinion.

I am still working through Final Fantasy III, and I have a pretty major upcoming and time-consuming quest, then things in the game are going to get really challenging. The next major event is the last one I recall from my playthrough as a youth before my game was deleted. I am unsure what is to come.

I don’t know if I have shared this on the blog previously, but I have been trying to get beneath 205 pounds. I was 197 this passed weigh-in…of course, today I had 6 slices of pizza for lunch (the bank was paying, so I indulged). Needless to say, I may get beneath 195 by Halloween if I keep counting my calories and working toward the goal.

3). Happy Landon! My son is really into VeggieTales these days. There are far worse things for him to want to watch; thus, this is a development with which I’m most pleased.  VeggieTales hit while I was in high School, so I was not in the pocket to catch the craze. I always enjoyed the ones I saw, however, and the tape we’ve been watching in my office is a legit, vintage cassette I inherited from my parents when they moved last year. If I stumble on any more, they might be worth getting.

4). Recommended Media. Though I am watching Youtube on the regular, this past week I mainly continued listening to podcasts and finished the JORDAN PETERSON LECTURE SERIES: Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories. Here’s links to all to the last (the first seven I linked two weeks ago and the ones I posted links to last week).

Lecture 15 – Jacob : Wrestling with God

And here’s a lone Youtube recommendation, Desiring God on Raising Children in a Pornographic Culture

And here’s a Trailer for the New Transformers Movie, BUMBLEBEE, which I am sure is going to be frustratingly bad and overlong, but the trailer itself, top notch.

And a TRAILER For a movie I am very excited to see, CREED II !!!

#onthedaily Recap

This week, I was Grateful for feeling well after a week of feeling lousy, feeling healthy again, the way my son greets me in the mornings, weekends, morning routine of good things that calibrate my day toward virtue, and good mornings with family !

This week, I was Focused on helping my wife who has the same cold, getting listings prepped for Thursday, engaging a tough investigation fearlessly, enduring hardship well, strong and truthful and forthright, and finishing items from the week !

This week, I refused to Worry about how much I have to do to catch up on last week, getting sick again, anything, money, yesterday’s pain and hardship, and unmet desires !

COLLECTIBLE OF WEEK : KENNER’s SCORPION ALIEN : The XENOMORPH designed by H.R. Giger for the Alien film series may be the most iconic extra-terrestrial of my generation. The alien is a stunning composite creature of archetypical nightmarish traits, with a certain gothic beauty that has really cemented its legacy in the pop culture legacy of the last 40 years. This 1992 rendering of the alien, inspired by Jim Cameron’s 1980’s sci-fi actioner ALIENS was one of the first figure I got from the line. The figure has standard swivel joints of the time and boasts a great sculpt and wonderful exploding feature that was great for a 10-year old.  I believe the one I have now is like third I’ve had pass through my hands over the lifetime of collecting, and I plan on holding onto him for another decade, until I can at least show the flic to Landon!