Weekly Reflection : 10/06/2018

Saturday Morning Garage Sales

Sorry this did not make it up on Saturday. I failed to do a revision and totally dropped the ball on getting it live.

We are three quarters of the way through 2018. I remember remarking about how quickly this year was going, and that was months ago. To now find ourselves here in October is stunning. Time flies ever so quickly, doesn’t it? And if you’re anything like me, the end of year means three big things: holidays, rushing to get things done by end of year, and the emotional challenge of the first two colliding. I am already putting stuff in my planner all the way until the second week of December, and I have a fair amount to accomplish between then and now.

For now, let’s focus on this past week. As it is a new quarter, I’m refining the format a bit.

Here’s the new rundown:

  1. The Week in Brief
  2. More Hopes & Happenings (will now include Media Recommendations, if any)
  3. #OnTheDaily Recaps

That’s it. The Collectible of the Week posts will be retired for the rest of the year. I’m not sure how I am going to handle the toy content on the site moving forward.

1). The Week in Brief “You May Not Need The Thing You Think.” 

So, I had an incredibly low Tuesday—the type of day where my mind would think only on the things I did not have, the goals I have been unable to achieve, and the things that had already gone wrong or could go wrong. It was a hard day, and I compounded by focusing on the wrong things. I went to bed early at my wife’s recommendation; and strangely, on Wednesday I awoke and felt relatively well. The dark cloud of the prior day just seemed to dissipate, and even the things about which I was frustrated simply carried a little to no weight. It was a bizarre experience, to go to sleep early on Tuesday feeling so defeated lost frustrated, only to wake up on Wednesday feeling as though I was going to make it, that things were fine, and that I had no need to be either disenchanted or upset.

In fact, Wednesday I was doing so well that even has more things seem to unravel, I was still able to look at things and put them in perspective in a positive perspective and post about it.

So why is this the emotional center of the week? Simply this reason: the things you may believe you want and need in order to feel satisfied may not be the issue; they are merely the things to which you are clinging due to an overall depression or exhaustion. Frankly, from Tuesday night Wednesday morning my circumstances had not changed; the environment in which I found myself had not been altered, and there was no reason for a vast emotional improvement. The pain of the prior day, whatever its source, had come and gone.

On the one hand, this gives me pause and continues to make me fear some of my anxieties and some of the biological and internal problems that may be outside of my immediate control. On the other, I’m actually encouraged. One thing that the experience taught me, as unpleasant as it was, is that the things that I thought I needed in the time in the moment in order to feel better about myself and life were not the solution. I still did not have them the following day, yet I felt strong, optimistic, and healthy. 

And here’s my encouragement to you: when you have bad days—and you most definitely will—be stronger than me. Focus on the fact that the negative emotions will pass and that things may look better in the morning. Remind yourself that life is not as bad as you feel it is on a given day; and even if your environmental situation does not change, your overall outlook and ability to navigate it may very well adjust themselves. You may need to take a nap; you may need to just sit down and get all the mess of your mind down onto paper and out of your head. Maybe you just need to text someone for support: let them know how you’re feeling and tell them you really need someone to remind you that you are of value. Whatever you need to do to stay strong, do it. Continue to do right. Refuse to wallow in your negative emotion. Refuse to abuse yourself because of the way you feel. The next day maybe far better than you had hoped, and even if it isn’t, you may at least be able to handle it’s challenges better than today’s.

2). More Hope and Happenings

eBay was all kinds of down this week. On Wednesday, I posted regarding some of the issues I’ve had. 2 have been resolved, one of which worked as best as could be expected; the final one (which of course was also the most costly), continues to be a headache. My hope is that it resolves itself before the next debrief, but between Me, the seller, eBay, and Paypal, we seem completely unable to resolve this thing. My guess is that I will need to make another half dozen phone calls before the week is done, and all we are trying to do is get money I sent from one Paypal account to a seller’s that was defunct. I wrote on Wednesday about some of the emotions related to the experience, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson from the unresolved matter: Solve things one step at a time. If you find that the first solution to a problem causes a delay, be patient, wait for that matter to be solved before hastily jumping onto a new phase that may only complicate things.

I missed playing Final Fantasy III, and I use that word specifically. I did not get to play, and I was sad I did not get to play. The game is so epic, and I am invested in the characters. I still hope to finish by year end.

I am back up to 198 as of this posting, so I gotta lose 1lb a week if I am going to be 195 by Halloween. That’s no easy task, but we’ll see.

My son and I went shopping at the local community garage sale. Last week, I mentioned his recent developed love of VeggieTales. Well, Saturday, we got him a stack of DVD’s, plus an official LARRY BOY figure and lights-and-sounds LARRYMOBILE. Plus, I found him an IMAGINEXT BATCAVE with more of its parts. So, now he has one that’s nearly complete—and wouldn’t you know, Larry and his car fit there nicely. With a new dinosaur toy and some new cars. That golden humvee is crazy gaudy, but I joked with the original owner that I am sure it was a big hit with the South American Cartel crowd. We shared a chuckle at the cheap joke. It was a fun time. We got some othe fun odds and ends, too, but I’m saving them for a rainy day.

Here’s some media I consumed and found valuable this past week.

A female YouTuber describes how Jordan Peterson has had a positive impact on her life.

John Piper gives us a rundown on his path to Christian Hedonism.

And here’s a video essay on The Dangers of Passivity.

#onthedaily RECAP

This Week, I was Grateful for a Holy God in whom I can place my trust, another day to try living well, Good Holy God, burpees, and Saturday Mornings with my boy! !!!

This Week, I Focused on overcoming bitterness and resentment, savoring good that comes, boldly approaching work , ending my workweek well, and enjoying my family ! ! ! ! !

This week, I refused to Worry about future outcomes I cannot control, the difficulties coming tomorrow, financial losses not wholly my fault, challenges I will face tomorrow, and how much and effort it will take for me to become a better version of myself ! !!! !