Weekly Reflection: 11/10/2018

Saturday Morning Veggietales in Daddy’s Office !

This week’s reflection is essentially about endurance, about living, surviving, and thriving if and where you can. This feel’s like an appropriate attitude as we head toward the busiest time of year. The so-called “holiday rush” of culture here in the United States is a tragic one. In a season of Thanks, Peace, and Goodwill toward men, we find ourselves wanting more, frantically rushing, and becoming less patient. It’s the way our culture operates from now until the first week of the next year.

For that reason alone, I hope my thoughts on this past week are of value of to you.


The Week in Brief “Just Keep Breathing.” 

This week can be summed in three words: “Just keep breathing”.

The phrase has a dual purpose. The first is straightforward: Breath. Stay alive.  Keep moving. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. If you want things to get better, if you want to be useful, you have to stay in the mix. You are not allowed to quit. You are not allowed to surrender to despair; you are not allowed I stop trying. You must stay alive. You must endure. That is the high cost of living. You must continue to do it even when it is heartbreaking and miserable. You must continue to just keep breathing.

The second meaning carries a more unique and personal intent. My therapist and I have been discussing tools I can use to come back when I start to spiral emotionally. We have been trying to determine methods I could employ to avoid feeling defeated, bitter, or malevolent, as these feelings tend to compound themselves once I begin to have them. Our hope is that I can develop a stronger way to combat them. Thus far, we have only establish this one: Get into a silence space and breathe. Breathe deeply. Breathe intentionally. Breathe and calm down. Slow your mind. Focus your thoughts. Recalibrate your attitude. This begins with breathing. Catch your breath and remind yourself that life is more than those negative emotions you carry.

Living well has been all about those three little words. Just keep breathing to survive hardship, endure tragedy, and reorient your attitude toward hope. I commend these words to you, dear friend. When you feel angry and bitter, defeated and desperate, wanting to quit, please pause. Embrace silence and just breath. Examine and control your emotions. Move toward something better, even if that only movement is leaning toward something better. Don’t let disaster or evil defeat you.

Just keep breathing.

More Hope and Happenings

As I type this, I still have over 200 listingss on eBay. The business is going strong as we close the calendar. I am grateful for it.

I received the latest production run of STRONGHOLD , and it looks like I will make a few bucks on it. More importantly, it looks like the book is selling for the vendor who is ordering bulk hardcopies. I am grateful for this also.

Next weigh-in take place on November 19. I am no longer tracking my diet, so we will see if my lifestyle alone will enable to stay at that 195 lb mark without intentional policing of my food. To be honest, I’m really unsure whether or not it will. 

#onthedaily RECAP (without missing a day, Hooray!!!)

This Week, I was Grateful for the existence of a Perfect God, my good and gracious wife, eternal citizenship in a heavenly kingdom, sunrise and daylight, HOPE, and life itself !

This Week, I Focused on recalibrating my attitude, overcoming negative thoughts, listening, getting home to my family in a timely fashion, HOPE, and being strong and forthright !

This week, I refused to Worry about all the inventory I am trying to sell by year end; failures of the prior days, weeks, and years; wicked agendas of the powerful that I cannot stop but against which I can speak; the money (again); those things which attack and seek to destroy HOPE; and problems I cannot solve !