Weekly Reflection: 11/24/2018

Looking a bit creepy…or at least sneaky.

This week’s reflection is brought to you by the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas Holiday Corridor in the United States, an annual cultural tradition toward which we look all year, only to be exhausted and frustrated once it arrive. ‘Merica, y’all ; giddy up.

On that note, here’s a reflection on the week!


The Week in Brief “Life Gets Busier Than You Planned. Embrace the Good. ” 

In less than a month, my wife, son, and I leave for vacation in Europe with her family. The game plan has been in place for 10 months, and we are feeling the crunch of not only the holidays themselves but our holiday travel.

Of course, the world does not revolve around us. It never has, and it never will. That’s a good thing—a very good thing. However, as we begin to focus inwardly on preparations for our intercontinental Christmas season, the invites are coming, the calendar is filling, and the end-of-year tasks need to get done. Meanwhile, day-to-day life does not stop.

Again, this is not a bad thing, but it is challenging. I admit that much. This past week, I had to put my nose to the grindstone at work just to make it to the Thanksgiving holiday, and even the day after it I was forced to pick up the work of others in order to help our team. At home, I was all putting in anywhere from 4 to 5 hours every evening on eBay, and my wife has been fielding a relatively constant stream of emails. It’s taking its toll, and things tend to get even more pressing in December, which is still a week away.

We are a bit strained; but as of this morning, at least we have the Christmas decorating finished. So that’s a win. I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I don’t intend that. Rather, I’m just setting the stage for the main thrust of what I’ve been engaging this week: Life is complex; and the needs of others and demands of day-to-day living often take far more time, effort, and energy than expected. A healthy person does not let anxiety, worry, or despair take hold. They face each day with hope, and they engage it with a desire to do well. That being said, here’s what I am trying to do, and I recommend you consider the same.

  • Approach each invitation with anticipation and respond with respect and courtesy.
  • Look at your daily, weekly, and holiday task load each day, decide what is most pressing, focus on it, and get it done.
  • Grant yourself a moment to rest when you can.
  • Savor the moments that are meant to be savored, whether they be with family or friends or simply time alone with the Lord.
  • Remain both thankful and hopeful.

For all our modern conveniences, our culture swallows individuals. It makes us feel inadequate, overstretched, insincere, frustrated, and in the end we must rely on an internal peace in the Lord and our relationships with a few trusted individuals if we are to live well. No one can do it alone; but at the end of the day, life comes down to you and the Truth, and how you are or are not aligned. Our culture encourages us to be ever-busy and discontent. If we are going to awaken from this system, it is incumbent on us to remember The Truth and remain constant and kind during one of the most needlessly exhausting and demand in times of year. I will strive to do so. I hope you will as well.

Stay strong.

More Hope and Happenings

This week, eBay offered 500 free listings. I had hoped to utilize them all, but I only made it to 160. If I had an extra weekend, I might have done it, but with only Monday through Friday afternoon to make it happen, less Thanksgiving evening (of course), I did not have the capacity to get above 200. Oh well, my final major wave on eBay is live, and it’s a doozy.

I finally got that shipment of the ordered copies of STRONGHOLD to Australia. It only took a month, and an embarrassingly unprofessional one at that. But at least it’s finished, and hopefully, the book will reach a few more hands and minds this Christmas.

Somehow, I was still 194 lbs. on Monday (11/19/2018). I am not looking forward to my post-Thanksgiving weigh-in.  Full disclosure, I allowed myself an early second glass of wine, and I overate. 

#onthedaily RECAP (without missing a day, Hooray!!!)

This Week, I was Grateful for technology despite its ills, warm pajamas, accomplishing much at work before the holiday, family, for FRIDAYS & WEEKENDS , and Weekends!

This Week, I Focused on fighting hard to achieve what I must, being full of gratitude, getting through one more night of #eBay listings while they are still free, listening, going to bed timely, and having a good attitude!

This week, I refused to Worry about how I am going to maintain this grind until year end , upcoming travel logistics that are not a pressing matter for this week, tomorrow (meaning Thanksgiving), calories, things I cannot change in others, and money!