Weekly Reflection: 12/1/2018

Ever the Dreamer





I am getting ahead of myself. I’ll revisit the above in my debrief. But first: We have entered December 2018. Remember those other times (here, here, and here, at least) I wrote about how fast the year has felt. Well, it’s going to be finished in no time. Almost seems unjust how fast time passes as an adult. I have so much I want to do, but time may not allow, but then again, I can always hope.

That about sums up the week.


The Week in Brief “WAGE WAR on Despair. FIGHT for your hope. ” 

You will not get everything you want. But you can get some things. Think of the things you want most. Think had about who you want to be, why you want to be that way, and how you can become that way. Think of the ways you spend your time that you value. Think of the things in your life that matter. Dream of a better life, a wonderful life here on earth. Consider these dreams. Think about the likelihood of achieving them. Think of thing you need to do, and how you would feel about doing them. Now dream further, or rather, dream more deeply. Think about the concrete steps. Think of the likelihood of taking them. Continue the process. Then HOPE for this dream, and act in a manner to make it true. To awaken into it rather than from it. 

I have been doing this a fair amount over the past few weeks. I’ve mentioned Jordan B. Peterson’s Self-Authoring Program previously. I am not going to finish by end of year, as I’d hoped, but I will still get a strong amount—a worthwhile amount— completed before 2019. A large part of the exercise is considering the future. I’ve been doing this, and it’s been challenging.

Doing the things I want to do will be difficult. Being the man I want to be for Kingdom and Family will be perilous and require an immense amount of internal effort and expended energy. The aim I have for my family is high. I want a better life for us, a more honest, more courageous, and more rewarding one. I want us to be as near to the best versions of ourselves that we can be. I want it so badly that I cannot put it into words. It’s as if we are a hunk of clay, but I can see the vessels of goodness, truth, and beauty we might become.

It will be a lifelong process to be those individuals and that family unit. We cannot do it alone. But if we are going to even try, we must have hope. HOPE. And actions that result from that Hope. Hope without action is wishing.

But the more I engage the world year over year, the more I learn that Hope is under constant attack. Our jobs attack it, our culture attacks it, our internal monologues attack it. Many of us are our harshest critics, but we still live with a fair amount of realities that hit us hard.

Hold onto hope, friends.

Hold onto it like it’s your life’s mission to protect it. In some ways, it is.

Hold onto it, and give it to others as appropriate, as you are able. AS long you believe when you do it. False hope is futility, and it does not speak to the soul. So hold to hope, true hope. Give it mindfully, to those who need it and will accept and embrace it. Hope.  I’m blessed in that my ultimate hope rests in this: Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He does nothing wrong. He makes no mistakes. And he is my savior.  That’s hope worth sharing. I have hope that I have a larger part to play in the kingdom of Christ than I have previously. I have hope in a perfect Lord and Savior.

More Hope and Happenings

As I type this, my last major eBay run  is about to end. On December 2, I will be finished with listings. I am going to take advantage of my Freebies with a small run of 7-day items at decent amounts, but this passed week has been the real week of sweet deals and hot prices. I think that when all is said it done, it will be my lowest week since September, but that’s how moving items on clearance works. At least a few more large items will be out of my house.

I saw Creed 2 (Rocky 8) on Wednesday. I enjoyed it, and I recall thinking during the third act, “I cannot wait to watch this again.” I think the last time I felt that way about a film was Black Panther in February. Not as good as CREED, but still really good.

If you are not following me on the Gram or Twitter, Now is the time. I received a wonderful Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, and I will be posting pics on the daily.

I weighed around 194 lbs. on Monday. Still trucking. 

#onthedaily RECAP (without missing a day, Hooray!!!)

This Week, I was Grateful for my wife, the ROCKY films, movie night with buddies to see #Creed2, good Christmas music ,that feeling you get Friday afternoons after work , and generosity of family !!!

This Week, I Focused on getting items on #eBay items shipped, being honest and forthright, ENJOYING A FILM , getting to bed early, enjoying my weekend ,and helping my wife ! ! !!

This week, I refused to Worry about others’ reactions to my ideas, how I have failed to get enough sleep in 2018, WORK PROBLEMS WHILE AT THE THEATRE, my job, Monday, and money !!