I am Ready to Post Now.

I don’t know who you are. Or when you are reading this.

But here you are, so here it goes:

If things are going well for you right now, breathe deeply and savor the good. The bad is coming. It always does this side of eternity, and it will again. That’s the ebb and flow of the mortal coil—good and bad, in fits and starts, in either direction and back again. And that’s okay. Just because the reprieve is not “happily ever after” does not mean the hard times will break you. On the contrary, if you have your head and soul focused on whom they should be, you’ll come through the storm a little stronger. You may savor the next period of good a little more deeply as a result. If it’s good right now, embrace it. Cherish it–but not too tightly–seasons change.


But my guess is that you are more likely struggling, hurting, or wrestling. I feel that most persons with whom I speak these days are. It’s a rough time for a great many of us, individually and collectively. If things are not going so well, breathe deeply and savor the good, but engage the hurt, the pain, and the heartache. Don’t bury it; it’ll fester. It’ll kill you on the deep, and that infection will make its way to the surface. Trust me. I know. I’m proof.

But things are not as grim as they may seem; or maybe they are. But even if they are, you aren’t done yet. If you’re not dead, you’re not done. You got some miles left on you; even if you’re coasting on fumes for a bit. So savor what good you can; bear the weight of your pain, and keep. Moving. FORWARD. Have the hard talks,  take the necessary path of resistance, stay straight and narrow. Focus where you can and should. Focus on the Truth.

The Truth. The Way. The Life.

The ultimate truth. The most excellent way. The everlasting life.

That’s how you endure the dark night of the soul without it snuffing out the light. That’s the means by which you hold the lines, keep the faith, and remain steadfast. Though all the world should tempt you to self-destruction or apathetic resignation, you can endure (I’m proof of that, too, so far). In the hard times, in the brokenness of this life, focus on Jesus Christ. Why? Because he is the author of life made flesh, come to die and live again, and he is invested in reconciliation, renewal, redemption, and relief. He is the way, the truth, and the life; he brings us to the Father God for salvation and grants us power in the Holy Spirit.

So if it’s rough right now, be encouraged. Acknowledge the good as you are able. Cling to the cross. The ebb and flow will glide into your favor again, and when it is does, savor it. And try to remember to make it good for others, too, as much as you are able.

Thanks for reading,