Lincoln logs !

This week’s ToyTimeTogether : Playskool Lincoln Logs with Vintage box. Yes, these are some original wooden construction toys, and our fun just goes to show: good toys last a long time! As the wardrobe changes attest, these were a hit almost every night this week!

Lincoln Logs are an interesting beast. I feel like it takes a lot of foresight to actually build something well, and even then I don’t particularly do a good job of it. Landon loved to put one of the medium connectors between two of the small wooden connecting pins and call it a “racer”. He liked it so much he built at least 20 of them. It was a blast to see him take the toy and make it his own.

Perhaps the coolest thing about sharing these Lincoln Logs with him was that I introduced the toy to his cousin, Evelyn, even before he was born (or around that time). I believe it was in 2015 when my wife’s sisters family came to stay with us, and during that time Evelyn and I built with Lincoln logs also. It’s cool to know I’ve had them in my collection that long, and they’ve been introduced to multiple children in the family. They were a worthwhile garage sale find.

Of course we had some fun with #Duplo also.