This is the goods.

What’s all the mess? Figures, Cars, and Raisins galore!

Tonight, Landon and I just rolled through one of his toy bins taking out stuff we had forgot that we had, creating all manner of combinations just for creations’ sake, enjoying little bits of plastic in all their silliness and functionality, all the while sharing with one another, having fun, and savoring Toy Time Together. On instagram, I described it as “a cacophony of cars and characters featuring all manner of heroes in all manner of machines!” And it was. It was also the sort of casual bonding between father and sons that the former strive to experience while the latter simply savor. It’s all winning for everyone. It’s the good stuff of life, right here.

Landon was focused on the inclusion of The California Raisins band, including limited edition Holiday members, which I think he displayed wonderfully.

And yes, that is Galactic heroes Jedi Master Mace Windu on a Mcdonalds Muppet Babies rolling horse, next to Veggietales Larry in a vintage Sesame Street sanitation truck! Regardless of the mess and overstock in my office, I think I can be confident that it is a magical place.

This is a duo I could watch do a lot of good things.

My office is full of inventory and a wealth of piled and stacked items from my personal collection. It is a mess by any definition, and my wife often refers to it as “organized chaos” Still, we have a blast up here a great deal of the time. I have been thinking more about my collecting journey recently. I have gone from childhood player, to teenage customizer, to college kid with delusions of toy industry grandeur, to reporter, collector, retailer, and now I feel am becoming a blend of it all–and I have a wonderful, dear young son with which to share the hobby.

May he be wiser engaging it than I have been, and may it continue to yield him rewards and delights, as it has done for me!