Office Christmas displays 2019

Holiday Americana…kinda.

Home office Christmas Displays are in full fun this Christmas!

Left shelf : My wife’s HOlday Lego sets, including a snowglobe, Bickheadz, and a small winter wonderland, in addition to a nutcracker, and the derpist of derpy designed Santa’s Lego has evr released—which is my personal favorite of her collection.  The Polar Express book in the back is my original copy from childhood.

One2Believe’s Nativity and More !

The Right Shelf contains my One2Believe Nativity, with bonuses. This is a particular favorite this year due to One2Believe’s overall Bible Toys line, which is a wonderfully fun take on the Biblical figures of old. The inclusion of so many Old Testament heroes in the  line allowed me to crate a unique display, wherein ancient figures of the Abrahamic faith can watch from afar as the prophecies for which they waited come to pass. On the other side, are the coming Wise Men. It’s a wonderful display not just for the holidays but all days!!

Looking for great gifts for believers with children or children with whom you want to share the Bible in a fun way?  Look no further than these outstanding items from One2Believe. I recommend them highly…and I know a thing or two about toys ; )