Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker : Review

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Spoiler free:
Full disclosure: I was wholly aware of the script leaks via YouTube and had an idea of the whole plot of nearly the entire film—nearly sequence for sequence—prior to entering the theatre; therefore, I did NOT get the emotional rollercoaster intended, which affected my overall experience. 

I enjoyed my time mostly while watching this movie, which is more than I can say for other first viewings of Disney StarWars movies…

But I don’t think it’s necessarily a good movie. At the very least, I would be happy to sit through it again, which was not true if any other Disney Star Wsrs I saw in theatres.

Frankly, the more I think about it, the less I think it is objectively good and the more I think it is the net result of Disney’s mismanagement of this third trilogy. It’s a beat-for-beat “save the cat” screenplay, to which a buffet of memberberries is attached, peppered with attempting retconning of the Last Jedi while nodding that it exists. 

Prior to viewing this picture, I had watched one SW Film each night plus the original 2003 Clone Wars series. As a result of contextualizing this film in light of those, it certainly does not contain any of the worst moments, nor does it contain the best. It’s not a great ending, but it could have been far worse (personally, I think it’s a far more satisfying than Endgame). It’s not void of ideas but it does feel mostly hollow, much like The Force Awakens. I have been telling people it is tonally close to and narratively paced like Pirates of the Carribean : Dead Man’s Chest. It’s a  new-problem-quick-solution, tangent-after-tangent  McGuffin-Chase, that feels as desperate in its attempts to succeed as its heroes. But given the meta narrative surrounding it and the timeline to release it, I don’t know if it COULD have been much better. 
Well, Probably. Definitely. Yes. ….but it wasn’t. 

Highlights: Lando anything, Bobble Fric, and Lando anything. Also, Lando was awesome and 3PO is actually pretty lovable. Princess Leia is solid, and the intent for Kylo’s arc is also strong despite some missteps.

Lowpoints: plenty, but why bother with a laundry list. None of them infuriated me, so I’ll just leave that there’s some groaners—but that’s like all the movies, really.