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DISCOVERIES The Day is Hard, But It Will Not Always Be. ISAIAH 25: 8-9

Posted by on Jan 29, 2020 in DISCOVERIES, Faith, Hope, and Love, Love of Scripture


The below post is part of an ongoing series I’ll be doing in 2020 entitled, DISCOVERIES, which will feature unfinished or not-posted content found in my Draft Archives during a review conducted in January 2020. The present post contains the original content, edited lightly for publication. 


Sometimes, we fetch it a beating.
We make poor choices and suffer the consequences.
We make the right choices, but the devil comes at us.

In some seasons, trouble pours on us like rain.

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Looking Toward The End of 2020

Posted by on Jan 23, 2020 in RandoMusings


Yes, the title is correct.

As I continue to work through this first month of 2020, I have begun to achieve a handful of goals for the year or at least start the path toward their completion. Even as I do so, however, I think often about the last days of 2020.

What do I want them to entail?

What do I want to have accomplished?

What do I want for my wife? For my son? For myself? And Why do I want those things?

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1/18/2020 Gaining Momentum

Posted by on Jan 18, 2020 in Weekly Updates 2020

Upcoming Action Face

Last week, I was feeling low. Illness does that. And brooding. Fortunately, a week can do wonders. After spending the last few days working hard, getting back on the eBay taskset, and having a handful of successes, I am feeling that 2020 is beginning to take shape. Hope is the air at our house. It makes for good, deep breathing.

I’ll get down to a few bullet points to sum up the last seven days:

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Structural Integrity , a Duplo Story

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Last night, I was stacking Duplo blocks with my son. He’s three now and will turn four in May. As I was interlocking blocks of various size to form a U-shaped wall, he was stacking 2×2 bricks several dozen high, and his towers kept on collapsing.

After a few tumbled, he asked, “Daddy, why does it keep falling down?”

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