2020 Begins

Pretending to be contemplative.


WELL, here we are. The start of another Calendar Year!

Between the bustle and hustle of the holiday season, I’ve neither put together all annual aims for 2020 nor committed to any bold new habits. As 2019 sprinted to a close, I have been trying to merely manage my day-to-day responsibilities with work and eBay plus our needs as a family, and it has required nearly all the time I’ve had.

But that’s not to say I’ve been ignoring the changeover from this year to the next…I’ve been thinking about the transitions quite a bit, and I am aiming high as I considering what I want from the next 12 months.


That said, I am going to take a note from my 2018 playbook and use the blog for a certain level of unofficial public accountability. Two Years ago, I was able to fit 1 weekly post into my schedule to provide updates on our family and my personal journey overcoming ongoing anxiety and intermittent depression. This year, I intend to do a similar-style post each week beginning next Saturday January 11, 2020, to keep friends and family informed.

In addition, I commit to an additional post each week about whatever suits me. I’ve been trying to post more about joyous playtime with my son, and I think it’s been a valuable exercise, but we’ll see if that’s all I feel like saying in 2020. It may be more of the same; it may be altogether different.

Please check back on January 11, 2020, for my first post, mainly focused on reflections of 2019. =)