01/11/2020 Stutter-Starting

Tired from the Start…

I think it was originally Robert Burns who is credited with the saying, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” (or some variation thereof). To whomever had that insight, I applaud them.  If I recall correctly, the Bible also has a stance on the matter.

I bring this up because 2020 has begun with my best laid plans being waylaid by recovery from illness and a general sense of exhaustion. Like so many humans, I had every intention of ending 2019 with my eyes set on the coming 12 months, with my goals written and my timetables in place. However, the goal-setting never materialized. The holiday plans began, followed by daily needs to address this or that, not to mention my full time gig, the eBay store, and a desire to invest in my family.

Needless to say, the last month of the year ran away from me, and the first two weeks of 2020 continued the trend. I contracted some manner of cold last week and was just staying afloat. Today, I am finally feeling a bit better, so I am also getting this promised post published.

It feels wonderfully to be healthy again, for the most part. I take my health for granted so often that I wonder if a stint of illness does me some good—at least it reminds me of how grateful I should be for the health and body I have. Needless to say, I’ll have that going into this coming week.


Focused Fun.

As a result of being well once again, I am back into full force on eBay. I have a number of items from last year back in play, and I’ve already sold some, which helps with motivation. New Inventory listings will begin this Thursday. Landon’s been enjoying the product flowing into our home also, which has made for some good times in the office. I enjoy seeing him get some pleasure out of my work. =)


New Switch Tracks for 2020 make for a wonderful new play experience!

Given my illness and sense of defeat, I’ve been trying to lift my spirits with good art. I’ve been trying to watch films that are known classics or recent successes, with The Red Balloon and Ratatouille serving as respective examples of each. I’ve also been mainly listening to Piano and the work of famed musician Yo-Yo Ma, which has been wonderful. Good art aids the soul.

On the flip side, I attempted to watch the 1980 Flash Gordon film, which has been a longstanding curiosity of mine from geek culture. After 30 minutes, I turned it off. Life is too short.

So, that’s a brief picture into life as of today. Frankly, it’s just the surface of how I’m really doing but getting into detail would require a lot more time. Maybe I’ll find some in 2020.