1/18/2020 Gaining Momentum

Upcoming Action Face

Last week, I was feeling low. Illness does that. And brooding. Fortunately, a week can do wonders. After spending the last few days working hard, getting back on the eBay taskset, and having a handful of successes, I am feeling that 2020 is beginning to take shape. Hope is the air at our house. It makes for good, deep breathing.

I’ll get down to a few bullet points to sum up the last seven days:


Big things on the horizon. I cannot share now, but I by this time next month. Stay tuned.

I continue to wrestle with my entertainment/art consumption choices. I am finding myself less tolerant of the language of most films, as well as their general pithy nature, high body counts, and overbloated runtimes. I recently revisited the much-acclaimed Captain America : The Winter Soldier and remained unimpressed. In contrast, the small-budget Christian film Do You Believe? proved to be both entertaining, emotional, and engaging for me. Equally, I revisted Richard Linklater’s Slacker, which I once heralded and now found less valuable, but I was deeply moved by the Ted Dibiase Documentary The Price of Fame. I am beginning to wonder, given the last year, if I am going to continue on this trajectory. To be hones, I don’t know, but my current shift in accepting certain content was certainly made manifest this week.

Speaking of art consumption, I have finally begun listening to Kanye West’s gospel album, JESUS IS KING.  Indeed. I love this record.

I wrote a post about teaching Landon a building technique on Wednesday. I had hoped he’d continue to apply it. He did Thursday. In a public library of all places. I love my good boy.

I gave my wife an evening way on Wednesday and a shopping day on Thursday. I need to do that more often.

Life today is good. WE’re moving into 2020 with optimism and a home full of love. I’m glad to report it, and I hope to continue doing so.




Getting what I wanted.