Looking Toward The End of 2020


Yes, the title is correct.

As I continue to work through this first month of 2020, I have begun to achieve a handful of goals for the year or at least start the path toward their completion. Even as I do so, however, I think often about the last days of 2020.

What do I want them to entail?

What do I want to have accomplished?

What do I want for my wife? For my son? For myself? And Why do I want those things?

As an exercise, I thought it might be both fun and worthwhile to just jot down a list of some items and ideas with which I am wrestling. If nothing else, giving concepts a concrete value can be useful—an idea might sound good in one’s head, but it appears downright foolish on paper. So in 2020, I am considering a focused effort in order to:

  • Reorganize my office into a more fluid but still compartmentalized space. I want the layout to be easy to navigate and utilize, but I don’t want it to be constantly cluttered by a thousand different unfinished projects.
  • Reorganize our storage closet(s) with same intent/same purpose
  • Clean our family Apple Iphoto Library and delete duplicates or unnecessary photos. There was a time I received an XLR Camera, and I took a wealth of needless photos. Time for those to go.
  • Clean my eBay Photo Archive (for the same reason).
  • Use my growing knowledge of Micro Machines for my online store and in so doing, create a resource for the collecting community.
  • Organize the several hundred pages of notes for my fantasy novel series into some semblance of a useful resource to begin writing again.
  • Reduce the household toy collection by 1/3 (though I have no idea how I would quantify that).
  • Repair my dad’s old stool from his train layout in order to use it in my office.
  • Use my bulletin board for an ongoing organizational purpose.
  • Create a Consistent and Efficient Workflow process for my online sales from receipt of inventory through listing.
  •  Clean up the blog/website a bit.
  • Determine the real reason and purpose behind my social media and Eliminate unused social media by closing accounts.
  • Consolidate our retirement accounts under a single advisor

And that’s just what I decided to type today. Who knows what new idea or goal will creep into my head tomorrow. Regardless, I think I have many worthwhile pursuits to tackle in 2020. I just need to choose which ones will mean the most to me by end of year.