1/25/2020 Pacing and Tone

#levelup #getdat

Well, Thursday’s Post proved a valuable exercise. I was jotting down goals for the year in consideration of what I would like to have achieved in 2020. I am beginning to hone those desires, and I am confident that by Mid-February, I’ll have a good sense of where I am headed this year and why.

Hope continues to flourish here at home. Again, I cannot divulge details today, but I’ll say this much: The Lord is immensely faithful, and he is really blessing our home in big ways. If I lose sight of hope mid-year, feel free to remind me of this post.

All that to say, I think we are at least headed toward  ever more good things. I feel great renewal for the months to come, even if they are coupled with a certain amount of uncertainty and caution. We are positioned for excellent experiences as we look to end January and sprint into February, and that’s a wonderful way to continue 2020.

On other fronts:

Movies. I have been watching several movies recently. I recently experience the DOWNTOWN ABBY movie with my wife, and we also re-watched Pixar’s BRAVE. Regarding the former, it was a fine but needless coda on a series we really enjoyed, not unlike the Breaking Bad Follow-up film, El Camino; however, the film dedicated an inordinate amount of time to a single character’s homosexual subplot, which neither aided the overarching story nor did service to the manor, the other characters, nor the lore—it felt very much like the type of subplot that could Jim Cameron would have cut or time in his prime, a subplot meant to achieve a thing at the experience of the whole. As to the latter, well, we felt it was fine the first time, and I felt it was fine the second—certainly not a disaster but not a real triumph either. I also had The Dark Knight Rises playing in the background during an evening of work, and it has lost some luster since my first viewing in 2012. Oh, and Chris Rock’s documentary GOOD HAIR was informative and entertaining but also somewhat ovrlong and ridiculous—but that may be the point.

Books. This week I listened to Oliver Twist on audiobook. I did not realize how much swearing Dickens’ put into his writing, but I do now. Frankly, I felt the book overly long and somewhat repetitive, but I also think that is the point. The ending also seems to undermine the book’s entire theme of diamonds in the rough due to certain revelations in the final fifth of it. Frankly, this is no Tale of Two Cities or Christmas Carol, but it has survived for a reason, and I am glad to have gotten it under my belt.

Music. Interestingly, while I’ve been finding myself enjoying films less due to becoming increasingly perturbed by body counts, needless language, and other content off “the code”, I have to admit that I am still quite taken with film scores. Cinema has been vehicle for great music.

Other than the above, Landon and I continue to enjoy ongoing playtime together, and we are all relatively healthy this week, so there’s another notch in the win column for 2020.

Thanks for reading,