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2/22/2020 Limited Time…Limited Content

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Photo-Frenzy Focus.

This week, I received 500 free listings from Thursday to Sunday. As many of you know, I don’t do eBay work on Sunday, so I was on a full hustle for the last 36 hours. Needless to say, I listed a fair amount—not everything in my inventory but a very fair amount of it.

My wife was a saint, creating an environment for me all day to work and strive and push and list and repeat from 9 AM until midnight with maybe 2 hours off the clock.

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DISCOVERIES : Brand loyalty

Posted by on Feb 20, 2020 in DISCOVERIES

Why didn’t I just buy the right brand the first time?

The below post is part of an ongoing series I’ll be doing in 2020 entitled, DISCOVERIES, which will feature unfinished or not-posted content found in my Draft Archives during a review conducted in January 2020. The present post contains the original content, edited lightly for publication. 


Here’s a lesson and brand loyalty.

If you have a brand that you’ve been using for a long time, support it.

If you go to the store to get replacement parts, and it’s unavailable, please don’t just go for the next brand. It will backfire, and you will be sorry.

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2/15/2020 Truth Be Told

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Life is going to be harder than you can possibly imagine.

The hard roads always feel the longest.

Day-in, Day-out we struggle. We toil. We grind. It never feels like it’s enough, not for the things we really want. We endure our weeks by interspersing our struggles with numbing trivialities or moments of pleasure. If we are lucky, we experience goodness, truth, and beauty; but in our culture, we must make an effort to do so. It’s not often trending on Youtube or recommended on Amazon Prime ; it’s not a category on Netflix and iTunes does not send you reminders for it. If you want it, you need to find it, and savor it when you do.

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