02/01/2020 Finding Focus

Thinking Things

We are a month into 2020. I feel like February arrives far more quickly than I expect every year. It is what it is.

Some days, life feels this way: it is what it is. My therapist and I had a good conversation on Thursday, wherein we agreed that over the last 2 years I have become more pessimistic and caustic in general. To some degree, the sentimental optimism of my youth has gone silent and been replaced by a rather firm realist. To be fair, this development is inevitable as one ages and carries a deeper disappointments, regrets, and burdens; but I found it rather eye-opening to have my therapist tell me it’s evident in my language and manner, at least with him.

Now that I have that update out of the way, here’s some other lighter items:

Given my lessened enthusiasm for “stuff”, I think that I’ll be doing more content geared toward encouragement this year than I did last year—as much for myself as anyone else (a sample was this week’s post).

During a general site review last week, I discovered over 100 Posts in some phase of completion, whether recycled from older blogs with updated commentary or simply initial thoughts in various stages of development, covering all manner of subjects from media and religion, to personal development and writing. I think this year may be a good one to revisit some of these things.

The Superman Club House : where friends eat snacks, dance, and put on displays of skill. A good place for action figures.

Landon and I continue to enjoy toy time together, and I am finding that he is becoming much more into organized play and games than a few months ago–if we get into a good rhythm of play, that kid loves to keep it up. It is a blast. Maybe he’ll be a jazz musician.

In January, I wanted to completely re-organize my store inventory. I got the ball downfield, but not into the end zone. That goal will need to be completed in February, and I intend to, if for nothing more than for my sanity. Fortunately, I was able to complete a significant office move. I have a bit of tidying left to do; and when it is finished, I’ll post pictures. I was also looking at goals for March, with the main one will be the repair of my dad’s old railroad stool, for use here in my own office. Weather pending, however, that might move to May. I’ll have to see.

I continue to watch a fair number of films while doing the eBay work. Frankly, The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, has proven to be my favorite viewing experience of the last month, and it’s a movie I’ve seen likely over a dozen times. That film just hits me in my soul. A big recent surprise was SAMSON, the 2018 Biblical epic from Pureflix that seemed unjustly maligned and derided despite being a decent sword-and-sandals action flic. I would gladly watch it again.

Also, I’m doing another Bible read-through this year, thanks to a plan put together by YouVersion app. It’s daily reading (I’m using the ESV) with onoing devotional content provided by The Bible Project.