02/08/2020 Slow but Steady Progress

Discovering toys buried in the closet, box by box.


Life is hard, often harder than we expect. This is not a bad thing, but it’s the way it is. It’s good for human beings to acknowledge that. Our best laid plans are laid to waste, and sometimes circumstances work in our favor in ways we do not expect. Fortune and failure seem to have an ab and flow, and success is not the result of having ongoing fortune but rather, the ability to turn the failures into valuable experiences and continue to move in the direction one wants.

Sending this is far easier than living it. Truth be told, I am very much looking forward to heaven and hearing gods read on my life as opposed to my own. From my perspective, the failure seems to outweigh the fortune on a daily basis, and my ability to move forward seems hindered by myself more than any other person, place, or circumstance. Why I’m looking to God’s take on the situation is that he will know the truth of it, and I am glad that he does.

All that said, I have several hundred items of store inventory still to be sorted, photos, and listed. I have shows for which I need to sign enrollment, my office remains in a state of near completion but is not yet how I want it to be. And generally, I am absolutely exhausted every day by about 4 PM, usually with about five hours of eBay work a night between inventory, packing, Listerine, and other sundries. Are

It’s simply the way it is, and I do not see any major developments or changes developments that will change that. The fact is life is full of challenges and while we would all like to get a week, a month, or even a day from dawn until dusk to focus on our projects and make headway, we are pulled in so many directions that we are lucky to make much headway at all day in and day out. For most of us, we not only have the challenge of moving the ball down field but trying to figure out what sport we are really playing, the rules there of, and where the goal ultimately lay. I am sure that there are those who have a laser focus on the things they want, the means to get them, and the ability to accomplish those means with little to no fault. I simply am not one of those people. So I take the little victories I can get each day, and I strive to do the same tomorrow. Like I said, God knows the truth as to whether I am succeeding or failing, but it sure feels like the latter more often than I’d like.