Displays February 2020

Displays : February 2020

Short but sweet. I have displays where I want them for February 2020.  Two weeks from now I intend to change them again. For now, I am really digging them!

Left Shelf : Bible Toy Mix. BIBLE TOYS , BIBLE GREATS. Good stuff. To be honest, I feel like I am virtue signaling a little with these…I debated posting about them. I have the disciples, Mary and Joseph, Pharaoh Action and lots more!

Bible-Inspired Toys of the little ones!

RIGHT SHELF : Star Wars Vintage 1980 Bespin World with Original Box and a Galoob Action Fleet cloud car form the 90’s to go with it!

Vintage Die Cast and Plastic Mix!


Book shelves : Landon’s many playset options and play patterns. Amazing Helms Deep from LEGO and two different versions of Noah’s Arc ( BIBLE TOYS and TRINITY TOYZ )

On the lamp : Naboo fighter, JROTC Trophy, and a rock. HAHAHA I’ll have to work on that.

In the corner : LEGO toy store acquired in Denmark last year. And Bag End .