2/15/2020 Truth Be Told


Life is going to be harder than you can possibly imagine.

The hard roads always feel the longest.

Day-in, Day-out we struggle. We toil. We grind. It never feels like it’s enough, not for the things we really want. We endure our weeks by interspersing our struggles with numbing trivialities or moments of pleasure. If we are lucky, we experience goodness, truth, and beauty; but in our culture, we must make an effort to do so. It’s not often trending on Youtube or recommended on Amazon Prime ; it’s not a category on Netflix and iTunes does not send you reminders for it. If you want it, you need to find it, and savor it when you do.

So ebbs the time. So flow the days. Hurt. Hope. Pain. Perseverance. Sin. Repentance. Relief. Repeat. Continue.


Being a person is difficult. That is the bottom line. The more I think about those I love, the more I consider this paradigm. Perhaps the greatest thing I can ever tell anyone is merely this: Your life will be difficult, sometimes unbearably. Regardless of what you do or how you do it, pain and trials will find you. So Find your anchor now. Find your hope. Hold fast to it and keep moving. Take the pain; it’ll pass. Hold to hope. Get where you’re going.

I’m headed to heaven; my anchor is Jesus. My hope is in seeing him, in knowing, in being before him and hearing, “well done.” That’s why I take the hits; that’s why I don’t despair. Because even though life is difficult, I have a solid hope to which I hold. A true hope, one that allows me to engage the pain here, handle it with strength, and look forward to tomorrow, to be bold and keep living. I intend do this until my last day, whenever that may come.

That kinda sums it up for me today, Friends.  Burdens of emotional heft on my heart, coupled with a commitment to stand fast in my faith, to hold firm to my hope, to endure until that hope is fulfilled, to hear “well done” in a heavenly rest, and then experience endless adventure, into eternity.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.