DISCOVERIES : Brand loyalty

Why didn’t I just buy the right brand the first time?

The below post is part of an ongoing series I’ll be doing in 2020 entitled, DISCOVERIES, which will feature unfinished or not-posted content found in my Draft Archives during a review conducted in January 2020. The present post contains the original content, edited lightly for publication. 


Here’s a lesson and brand loyalty.

If you have a brand that you’ve been using for a long time, support it.

If you go to the store to get replacement parts, and it’s unavailable, please don’t just go for the next brand. It will backfire, and you will be sorry.

Long story short: On a Thursday during some month of 2019, I needed new wiper blades. I’ve been using Rain X weather beaters for as long as I’ve been replacing the blades probably about eight years now. They have always done me right, and they last a while, and they are great.

Unfortunately, when I stopped up at the Pep Boys they did not have the SKU that I needed in stock for the driver’s side blade, so foolishly, I went with another brand. My blades weren’t even broken, but I figured that since I was running the errand, I had better get it done, and I had better get the same brand for both side of the windshield. I’m not going to say what the other brand was and throw anybody under the bus. It’s not their fault that I disliked their product. I’ll just say, that this “Other-Brand” I went with was cheaper, and it was a brand for which I settled because what I wanted wasn’t available at the moment that I wanted it ,and I was too lazy and impatient to just wait another day or go to another store to get the other blades that I needed.

As a result. I tried to install the replacement blades from “Other Brand” , and they didn’t fit properly, and when I tried to force them I loosened my wiper’s branch arm on the driver side wiper assembly, so then that wasn’t working. And then Other Brand actually snapped while I was trying to install it.

So I had to go to the mechanic. Fortunately we have a local mechanic who knows us and took care of me. He tightened the wiper arm, and we were all set with no real repair.

But I still had no new wiper blades, and my passenger side blade of “Other Brand”, which I simply didn’t want on my vehicle because I was so frustrated. So I went to another PB store, told them what happened, and returned the blades. Lo and behold (of course) they had the driver side blade in stock only, without the passenger side. Which was the exact inverse of the problem I had the first time!

Having learned my lesson, I decided to have some brand loyalty, and I purchased the correct rain X size 24 driver side wiper blade at that establishment, then drove a mile down the road to Advance Auto Parts where I was able to get my size 19 passenger side blade. I reinstalled the new blades; they worked fantastically, and my wiper fluid was in place so I gave the windshield a nice spray .

Moral of the story: if you have a brand that works, stay loyal. They need you. And you need them. Don’t settle for less because you want to take a shortcut or don’t want to go an extra 2 miles to a different store.