02/29/2020 HAPPY LEAP DAY

Exhausted today. But tomorrow will come.

So much to say.

So little fuel in the tank.

But I figure LEAP DAY only happens every 4 years, so I had better deliver.

Huge month in THE EBAY STORE, thanks to a lift from 500 free listings. I feel like that deal comes 3-4 times a year, and I was able to benefit greatly from it in February. I’m really grateful that the bay does those from time to time.

Due to my listing about 400 items online last weekend, I had Lord of the Rings Extended Edition playing in the background. It is the greatest motion picture trilogy of all time, and it’s not even a contest in my book. I was debating giving The Hobbit  Trilogy another shot, but I decided to stick with the beloved originals rather than that bloated mess that followed (although that one is easy to ignore when it’s just on in the background; LOTR was constantly drawing me back into the mix). Other good recent films I’ve had on stream while work, The Case for Christ and The Fantasy Makers. 

I offer no excuse for failing to post this past week. I had the goal, and I missed it. I had many evenings of work on the bay getting things listed—

Landon has been back into Magic Tracks, so we’ve have a blast with them and his Imaginext Pizza Planet toy. 

One of many recent Tracks!

Oh, and I guess it bears being written: as of yesterday 2/28/2020, I am no longer an employee of JP Morgan Chase. Starting Monday 3/2/2020, I will be the IT/Trainer at G. Fedale General Contractors, based out of Wilmington. I’ve known this family nearly 30 years–their mother was my music teacher in 3rd or 4th grade, and the CEO of the business and I were in church youth group together in the 1990’s. The Lord plays the long game, ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake on that.  I think many good things will come from this new gig, and I was grateful to have ended my time well with the banking industry.