Displays March 2020

The View


2020 GOALS ARE GO! I have changed displays for the month of March, and once again we have multiple play patterns, brands, and scales on Display!!! Check ’em out!

Left Shelf : Star Wars Tins or each film in the six-film Lucasfilm Saga with beautiful art, each filled with figures and accessories from their respective films. I intend to let Landon open one after he sees each film, but I’ll most definitely be starting with Episode IV. 

Left Bookshelf : One of Lego’s greatest releases, 10193 Castle Medieval Market Village. I never thought I’d own this. This was a great find that my brother-in-law and I both bought at the same time, after we thought it was off the market. It features one of the best self-contained play pattern possibilities of any Lego release, with numerous animals, citizens, and environments.

Lots of Fun Captured in this photo.


RIGHT SHELF : BIBLE GREATS David & Goliath Playset. This was a surprise find on eBay that I did not even know existed until I bought it. The set includes a great assortment of soldiers representing the Israelites and the Philistines, plus battlefield tents, molded rock display pieces and the titular characters. The best part though may be the oversized Goliath (centered). 

BIBLE ARMY MEN!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHT Bookshelf Top : A dual scale display of the LEGO Star Destroyer from 2015 and multiple Micro Machine stunt fighters from the ranks of the rebellion and the empire. Atop the box, multiple favorite Star Wars designs

Micro Machines…somewhat in scale to this epic LEGO Model


On the lamp : The narrow top features Happy Meal Toy Edmund Pevensie near to a geode, doubling as ice in Narnia; and beneath him are two amazing monsters, Galactic Heroes Rancor Monster and a DOMO. At the bottom, a shark and an orca I got on discount at Target. Some may consider these Chap Mei molds with action features to be “offbrand” or “knockoff”, but they are well-priced even at MSRP and seriously cool toys.  The set that included them also featured a baby shark (cue song), a 4″ diver, and a sheet of diving accessories. 

Turkish Delight



In the corner : On the top quarter circle, I have two of Toy Biz’s finest offerings, the original 2001 STRIDER and a far later, 2004-2005 Ringwraith with flame effect that LIGHTS via a button on his back. The display not only captures one of my favorite sequences from my favorite trilogy but also the beginning and near end of the films’ amazing original toy line.  

On the bottom corner, we have an assortment of Wookies and Clones from Revenge of the Sith in front of some railroad trees. These are a fluke addition to my collection, as they are army-men scale Star Wars figures that were going to pass through my store two years ago but become favorites during processing. I still have them listed in my store…but they are not necessarily priced to move. =)



A United Defense of Kashyyyk ..also, not my best toy photo.