04/04/2020.Entering Q2 with Hope and Direction

Lots.Of.Feelings.Thoughts, too.

Let’s knock this out.

First, I already noted that I’ve been unable to post during the week as anticipate; however, I hope hat as I get used to my new rhythms, I can remedy that.

Second, I could use prayer. Between financial fears, ongoing exhaustion, and a daily dose of anxiety, I need prayer. I’ve personally sent up some prayers of which I’m not entirely proud, but I was at a loss more than once. If you are reading this, please pray.

And here’s some more for those interested.

  1. My life right now: work, faith, and family. Good stuff, right? Well, it’s not all going as I would like or hope. SO, again, prayers would be wonderful. For finances. And spiritual help. And emotional help. Of course, not all is doom or gloom. Landon and I still have plenty of Toy Time Together and Jamie and I are watching through The Office together, which is not really quality time, but it’s still leisure together when neither of us get much, which is pleasant.
  2. I mentioned last week that I have an inventory bottleneck for the store. Fortunately, I have a backlog of excellent goodies: figures, sub-collections, vehicles, beasts and more. I was given 50K (yes, that’s 50,000! Free listings on eBay), and I intend to hit at least 2% (1,000 total listings) by April 18. Please hold me to it! It’s been a great means of getting my collection a bit more organized, and I will be positioned to keep things in order for the year (hopefully).

    The collection is much smaller than this these days.


  3. I previously posted about Star Trek : The Next Generation, and my feelings for the earlier seasons. I still like the show less than I did a year and a half ago, but I still have some deep enjoyment for the actors and the crew. Star Trek is an imperfect program, and as tainted a brand as any ( I could not even finish season 2 of Deep Space Nine before bailing), but something clicks with TNG from season 2 forward (which is ironically when I stopped posting about it).
  4. I love playing toys with my son. That is all.



  1. Love you brother. I pray for you daily

  2. Thanks, Man. I appreciate and need it!