4/20/2020 Late Update. What it is.

Rays of light on camera phone? Nice.

What can I say? Bottom line. If I am not working at my new job, spending time with Jamie and Landon, or trying to get have some semblance of social connection via FaceTime or Zoom, then I’m on the grind with eBay. They are giving sellers with stores 50,000 free listings in April and I am attempting to maximize that. Not sure if I will break even 1,000, but I’ve been very happy with the amount that I’ve gotten listed in the last month.

We really have needed a financial windfall, and I have pray for it. The Lord answers in his ways. While the money is not flowing into the house like a river, it has been a steady trickle, which has been encouraging to me. So the blog has been back burned for the month.

I’m sorry it’s been so off, but I appreciate your checking in to see how I’m doing.

Let’s all keep on keeping on: COVID-19 restrictions cannot last forever.

A Father’s joy is sharing a passion and means of provision with his family. Life is hard, but it is also good.