4/25/2020 Hope Must Spring

April has come and gone and we have all experienced a different world thanks to the COVID-19 virus. I know I’m not the only one who has had difficulty adjusting to our new normal.

But even with the adjustments and challenges, I have encountered blessings at the same time.

The truth is that it is nice to live without a commute.

The truth is it has been good to spend more time with my wife and son.

The truth is that I’ve been able to start my workday earlier and formed strong disciplines for deep work despite being at home, in my home office where I run my side business.

These are blessings. Sure, this time has come with lots of challenges. But it is not without its blessings.

For this reason, I bring up hope.

I have titled this week update, “hope must spring”. We must find it, water it, cultivate it, and allow it to have a place in our hearts. We must. Far too many days have I spent despair, days well before this crisis. They are devastating, and I have tried to fight for hope.

In so doing I have improved my life. I do not always adhere to this. I fall short for too often. But I fight for hope and hold on to it when I have it.

Sometimes the rug is ripped out from us; the help that you thought you had disappears in an evening, and the things you thought were one way are not that way and in fact they have become much worse. The five steps you took for turned out to be 10 steps back. I’ve been there.

But time and again, often in nothing more than Christ himself setting things right in the end, I find the hope, cultivate the hope, and allow it to grow and to spring because there’s too much work to be done.

There’s too much work to be done to dwell in despair.

Find your hope. Soldier forward.

Thanks for reading.

Fun times amidst all the work.