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05/23/2020 Goals, Ideas, and Failed Execution

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More meat on this face than year opening…

Full disclosure. I am not posting this while feeling the best about myself, and while I’m going to be a bit rough, I am not looking for pity, sympathy, or compliments. I’m just riffing on how I feel.

I don’t know even know where to start. I’m making some progress in my office, and I intend to post about it this week.

Of course, I had two other post intended to do last week, and I had something happen today I also intended to post.

So we’ll see what happens…

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Displays May 2020

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What happened to the shelves?

So, this is not a display. Unless you want to consider it modern art. But you shouldn’t, And that’s the point. This is a mess.

My office is a mess, and I cannot taking time to display my stuff until I get the store’s stuff in order.

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05/16/2020 Reflections Halfway Through May

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Surrounded by Inventory…and tired.

We are half-way through May, and the restrictions surrounding COVID-19 continue. Measured openings and limited allowances expand week-over-week; but life is not what it was once 10 weeks ago, and it will not be for some time, if ever. The sad thing is that for all the technological advancement and “disseminated knowledge” of the last few months, the cost and toll have gone far beyond the sick and the dead. The collateral damage of economic shutdown and mandated isolation is not small. People are suffering in all manner of ways well outside a virus.

Spring shall pass under the shadow of fear; here’s to a better summer.

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05/11/2020 And The Covid Crisis Continues

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Longing for some semblance of the old normal.

My apologies that these are not being posted at the close of each week as I had hoped.

Most weeks I’m sprinting just to stay afloat on eBay and my full-time responsibilities at the new gig. If I’m not grinding for a dime, I try to give my attention to Landon and Jamie, hoping to maintain enough fuel in the tank to give them some level of quality time. As far as carving out minutes for other pursuits, getting to the blog falls off the radar most Saturdays.

But my intent was to post twice weekly, and I am trying to be at least in the ballpark.

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More #toytimetogether , with MICRO MACHINES

Posted by on May 5, 2020 in Fun-funs

Making selections to create his sets!

Sometimes a child brings you so much joy you have no choice but to share it.

Last week, Landon and I spent a lot of time playing with Galoob Micro Machines. One of the central activities we do is place vehicles (or “mini’s” as they are sometimes called in our home) into “sets”. Basically it’s just putting them in the groups by color, or by style, or by make/model. Whatever I think looks good in a row (hahaha), becomes a “set” for that day. Making them is wonderful. I usually do it, and Landon loves to look at them and celebrate their features by yelling about what they have that’s similar!

For the first time last week, he decided he wanted to make his own sets, and he did an awesome job. What made me even more excited however was how he did them. He decided he wanted to create them for others, and he named off each person as he did it.

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