Displays April 2020

The view during work from home days.

These have been up for weeks, but I failed to post about them. Even missed the month mark. The big risk this month was building my city skyline display of the various buildings I’ve collected over the years, including many I had since I was a child. Given that Landon is still three, I wanted to introduce them to the Sesame Street Playset as well as some of the other buildings that I had in my bins, some of which are older than I am.

The Lego buildings look great behind them, but I wasn’t prepared to let him destroy them yet (and as a result create for me a new project for me to do). I figured I would put the buildings that he was allowed to use in the front, and I would use the Lego to give the depth in the back. That in conjunction with the two Spiderman bridges that I have made for a very cool skyline in my office. I would have liked to have take the time to pepper it with various citizens either Lego and or Star Wars/G.I. Joes figures, but I didn’t.


Speaking of G.I. Joe I will jump right over to the corners. On the top I had my G.I. Joe team displayed. The last time I recall displaying G.I. Joe was when I was caught up in collecting the 25th anniversary releases about 10 years ago. Ironically, I was becoming a bit more of a pacifist at the time, so my Joe team was more of a rescue squad. The current team in the corner has classical characters from the series as well as some specialists I enjoyed as a kid.


Another corner display that I had for April was the bridge of Armies of Middle Earth playset displayed with Lego fellowship figures of Gandolf and the hobbits ,as well as several orcs from both Lego and play mates Intelliblox line. The armies of middle earth set is nice little versatile piece, and the Built-in Balrog on display is excellent. It’s finely detailed and aticulated.

Shelf displays for April: on the first side left-hand side we had Jesus and his apostles of the last supper well position for Easter. I would’ve liked to of staged it better, but I was slightly behind on some more pressing matters. I was able to get Christ and the disciples as well as some cups in place. It’s a nice looking piece considering it’s not official Lego.

As seen on Easter

On the right hand shelf I have an old go-to, Exosquad. I had an Exosquad display up long ago in this same office. My collection has significantly decreased since my prior display, but I’m still capturing the main two frames, one oversized frame, and a few of the really cool ones I liked from the show’s run. I really did love these toys as a child, and I regret getting rid of my originals. But I’ve been fortunate enough when running the store that I’ve come across them at decent prices from time to time. I would like to keep a much larger collection, but the money is very good on the resale, and I have leveraged these for prior quick cash when I needed it.