5/2/2020 Keep Moving Forward


Happy May everyone. For a personal study this week, I began tracking my hours from the time I awake to the time I hit the hay, against the time I spend at my day job and the time I spend moonlighting on eBay running the store.

My findings were less than encouraging.

Typically I awake before Dawn, and I do not go to bed until after 11 PM. Of my waking hours, I spend about 60% working either at my day job or running my eBay store. Due to the volume of sales, I have had to back burn most of my inventory management causing a bottlenecked mess in my office. I am also working the bulk of the day Saturday trying to play catch-up on eBay related matters and fill in some gaps for my day job from the week.

And here’s the rub. I work this hard, and we as a family are still barely making ends meet. In fact one could easily argue that we’re losing money month over month. We still have a substantial car payment, our second car is on the verge of breaking down any day now, we are carrying a 30 year mortgage, and we have credit card debt.

The sad part is that I have good jobs. I probably do better on eBay than most casual folks given the amount of time I’ve done it and the knowledge I have, not to mention the amount of time I dedicate to it. Further, I love my day job. I get to be involved in a wealth of interesting projects and I get to contribute to my company in real ways on an almost daily basis.

One would think that given success in the latter two areas, the financial positioning would be different but it’s not. My wife and I are not big spenders, in fact we tend to be more frugal than most folks that we know. It’s just That the dollars don’t wash as I’d like. And it’s immensely frustrating. Over the next several months, I will be working to try to resolve this, and we’ll see what were able to accomplish.

For this week however, the information has been frustrating, but I will continue to strive, to persevere, to pursue excellence, and I believe that overtime those efforts will yield the dividends that I hope. The question always remains, “can I continue to pursue excellence regardless of how long that takes to reach the desired outcomes?”

I guess we’ll see together one way.

Thanks for reading.