More #toytimetogether , with MICRO MACHINES

Making selections to create his sets!

Sometimes a child brings you so much joy you have no choice but to share it.

Last week, Landon and I spent a lot of time playing with Galoob Micro Machines. One of the central activities we do is place vehicles (or “mini’s” as they are sometimes called in our home) into “sets”. Basically it’s just putting them in the groups by color, or by style, or by make/model. Whatever I think looks good in a row (hahaha), becomes a “set” for that day. Making them is wonderful. I usually do it, and Landon loves to look at them and celebrate their features by yelling about what they have that’s similar!

For the first time last week, he decided he wanted to make his own sets, and he did an awesome job. What made me even more excited however was how he did them. He decided he wanted to create them for others, and he named off each person as he did it.

Below is a super sampling of what he did. With captions for each picture. And for being three, I think he grouped them together pretty well.

First sets for local family. Clockwise from Top Right, multiple colors , including classic ’57 Chevy Bel*airs for Grandpa; a big set of red, gold, and black for Daddy (he hooked me up); and blue’s and red’s for Grandma, with a yellow kicker on the end!!! At the top left, my son hard at work!
For our Denmark Family. Clockwise from Top Right, multiple colors for cousins DAPHNE and EVELYNN, 4 cool black vehicles for Aunt Ashley, and an expanded set for Uncle Joel. In the top left corner, a big row of great toys.
In Honor of our California Family. Clockwise from Top Right, cool flames for Mommy, Trucks and Cars for Mimi (That GT, tho), and Jeeps and SUV’s for Papa, and finally a photo of one of our collection cases.
A great toy for all ages!