05/11/2020 And The Covid Crisis Continues

Longing for some semblance of the old normal.

My apologies that these are not being posted at the close of each week as I had hoped.

Most weeks I’m sprinting just to stay afloat on eBay and my full-time responsibilities at the new gig. If I’m not grinding for a dime, I try to give my attention to Landon and Jamie, hoping to maintain enough fuel in the tank to give them some level of quality time. As far as carving out minutes for other pursuits, getting to the blog falls off the radar most Saturdays.

But my intent was to post twice weekly, and I am trying to be at least in the ballpark.

This COVID-19 situation has finally started to get to me. I would very much like to see my parents in person, to see my friends in person, and to return to some level of my former normalcy. With each News update it seems that such a change is less likely to occur anytime soon, if at all. I know I have addressed the situation and other posts, but as of this week it’s all really starting to get to me.

Frankly, that is the long and short of it this week: sprint from wake to sleep, feeling like I’m not hitting levels of efficiency and productivity I would like, feeling like this virus has run its course and it’s I’m ready for life to start resembling what it once was.

In at all, I just keep praying the same thing, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,have mercy on us,”