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06/23/2020 The Sinner

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Full Disclosure: Not thinking, just posing.

Short and sweet today. I know this is late. My updates just aren’t happening on Saturdays. I have no excuse. I choose to prioritize my responsibilities for my eBay store (listing, shipping, etc.) over posting. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. It’s what it is in this season.

Bottom line for today: I’ve been thinking a lot about sin lately, and I am guilty, constantly guilty, of a variety of sins. Resentment. Bitterness. Envy. Pride. I could go on-and-on. Even as I pursue excellence and virtue, it seems that every sermon I hear reminds me of areas in which I fail to repent. In so many ways, my sin feels more entrenched than any righteousness. People don’t believe me when I tell them, but it’s true.

And yet, I have joy.

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06/15/2020 Present Concern and Future Hope

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Enjoying Fam time.

Today I am unsure where to begin. My heart and mind are pulled in so many directions that it seems almost impossible to grasp onto any coherent group of thoughts that would warrant a post. Most of the time, when I sit in the silence and think, my thoughts are not ones I would prefer to share.

With all that is happening in the world and all that needs to be addressed within the walls of my home and within the invisible walls of my stone heart, I feel incapable of writing anything worth sharing right now.

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06/06/2020 Post Birthday Lift

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Fresh haircuts care of my skilled and wonderful wife.

Again, sorry for the late post. Typically, I want to have these up on Saturday; but life happens and the post didn’t. As I said earlier this year, the the best laid plans of mice and men are laid to waste, and that includes mine.

Last week, I turned 38 years old. My wife took it upon herself to ensure I had a wonderful day, and she succeeded. I felt very loved and very valued. This of course came on the heels of my prior week update wherein I expressed negative feelings about my upcoming day, and my venting them was so negative that I did not post them at all.

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