06/01/2020 Trying to be lighter.

The hair may never get this long again.

I know this is late.

I drafted a post on Saturday, but it was a little too raw, even for me. I just felt that the things that I put into the mix were better suited for an in-person discussion where tone could be clearly conveyed.

Cliff’s Notes version: I’ve had trouble reconciling my age, my birthday tomorrow, and our current life position. And I blame myself.

Yeah, that covers it.

On lighter note, my eBay store just re-upped so I’ll be at this for another 12 months at least.

Second, thanks to the restrictions in place during COVID-19, I am in desperate need of a haircut and I will be allowing my wife to attempt it this week.

Third, I hate to admit it, but I am doubling down on my love for the Star Wars prequel’s. I watched them nearly back-to-back-to-back while doing inventory control this past weekend; and within that context of viewing the arc in a compressed space, I was really stunned just how much I connect to that story. For all their considerable shortcomings, I think the prequels are probably in my top 25 films of all time. Everyone can judge as much as they want. I do not care anymore, and I will be happy to make a case for them.

Another major thing I’m juggling is moving some of my online sales activity to Facebook and collectors groups there. I’ve been encouraged to join them in order to sell directly, and I may begin to do so to save on some fees. We’ll see, as I am trying to determine if I want to undertake that additional venue atop everything else.

Also, this installation happened in May.

#JadaToys Nano Scene Display Cases.
#JadaToys Nano Scene Display Cases, alighted. Seriously, these are fantastic for collectors. They display 25 items, are easy to install, and have built in LED’s that require merely AAA batteries.
TOP : #Galoob #LGTI #MicroMachines with one #funrise in the mix. Some of my favorites from our personal collection.
BOTTOM : #Galoob #LGTI #MicroMachines plus #Funise and #hotwheels #planetmicro #Atomix. More favorites from our personal collection.

Wow, that was much more casual than the original post I had drafted. I am saving the original, as it may be some thing I share down the line. For now, this is probably better.