06/06/2020 Post Birthday Lift

Fresh haircuts care of my skilled and wonderful wife.

Again, sorry for the late post. Typically, I want to have these up on Saturday; but life happens and the post didn’t. As I said earlier this year, the the best laid plans of mice and men are laid to waste, and that includes mine.

Last week, I turned 38 years old. My wife took it upon herself to ensure I had a wonderful day, and she succeeded. I felt very loved and very valued. This of course came on the heels of my prior week update wherein I expressed negative feelings about my upcoming day, and my venting them was so negative that I did not post them at all.

The fact that the day turned so pleasant is a real testament to my wife’s efforts. In other similar news, she is taking up cutting both mine and my sons hair, which is going to be a huge cost savings over time. As you can see in the above pic, for a first run on both of us she did an excellent job, and I’m very proud of her. Atop this, she is currently in a war with our toddler about making poop on the potty. They are both very strong willed people and their battles are truly epic. She will eventually win the day, but it is very taxing.

Speaking of taxing, this week marks the combination of a multitude of projects at my new job. Every day, I have a significant meeting about a significant undertaking, whether it be a preliminary kick-off or items in progress. Yes, each and every day is going to require from me an intelligent effort and ongoing exercise in both presentation and leadership. It’s amazing how much this job has challenged me in the few months that I’ve been there.

Also, I’m going on another eBay buying hiatus for June. It appears that the best way for me to manage my inventory is to spend two months acquiring and moving inventory, with a third month recalibrating what remains and getting it out of the house. The model has had very strong results both financially and in terms general management of backstock. This year is shaping up to be very strong on eBay and I am very grateful for it.

So that’s me for this week– nothing too glamorous but certainly worth sharing. Thanks for checking on me! To those of you reading who wished me well on my birthday, you were part of making the day special and I thank you as well.