07/06/2020 Halfway through another year!

Putting my son to work shredding mail to use as packing for the eBay store. It’s not running a farm, but it’s in-home work done together with great satisfaction.

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2020? It does not seem possible, and I suspect that the back half of the year will only move more quickly and then the first.

Where do I stand in all this? Nowhere extraordinary.

This year, I have changed jobs, increased my goals for eBay and altered my process to reach them, grown closer to my wife. In the home life has not been easy, but it has been good. Society at large is weathering a wealth of challenges both at the microscopic and macro levels. It has been quite a year, and I don’t think the back half is going to be any different. We all watch with baited breath as we head into the crunch of the election season; the media narrative doubling down in fear over the coronavirus and social unrest. When not concerned with these larger matters, it seems that with each passing week I get a new substantial project at my new job, and I have anothe sevral dozen packages to ensure go into circulation.

This is what my life looks; and again, it’s not bad. Granted, I desire to further along in many of my pursuits. I want to write I want to be better at my job; I want to sell more on eBay at better profit margin’s, and I want to make even more strides with my family. One cannot have everything, at least not all at once, and I am full of gratitude to be where I am, heading towards a strong year end despite the constant array of environmental challenges and in home goals that always feel a bit out of reach.

I don’t know what life looks like for all of you, but I appreciate the fact that anyone reads this blog anymore given its inconsistency and self-involved tone. Wherever you are whatever you’re pursuing, I hope that it aligns with goodness, truth, and beauty. I hope that you love God and love others. I hope that after weathering the first half of 2020 with all of its challenges, the second half reward you greatly.

Thank you for stopping at my blog,