08/23/2020 More Thoughts on Tough Life.

Just me.

Life is tough.
If 2020 has shown us nothing else, that much is clear.
Life is tough.

When it’s not, be grateful. Be mindful, live in the moment, and be grateful.

Put your phone away. Be present. Enjoy the fun meals, the deep conversations, and the moments of tenderness. Let them breathe. Don’t rush them or watch the clock waiting for the next thing you need to get done or want to do. Just savor the good, as it is happening.

When the good passes, and the tough times come again, remember the ebb and flow. Life will get better–maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But it will. Remember the good times you savored, know that they will come again. The pain is temporary; it will come; it will go. But when it’s there, know it will pass.

Life is tough.
I know it. You know it. We all know it.
Life is tough, but it ebbs and flows. Good times will come; bad times will go.

And even when life is hard, God is sill good. He’s always good. All the time. And he is love–true love and perfect love. He’s in charge, ultimately and correctly. Love is in charge. Love allows life to be hard and continues to be good.

Believe it. Embrace it.

Live in the truth: Life is tough but love endures; love is in control, and he’s driving the world toward a better future.