Hope and Dilemmas

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I still believe in God and his purpose and his divinity. Despite so many things gone awry and so much pain in our midst. I still believe.

And I hope. At least , I try to hope. This is a difficult task, much of the time. But it’s a task worth undertaking; it’s a good use of one’s energy. In the midst of pain, Hope. Hope that You can endure the pain of the present until a far better future, hope that this current suffering will pass, as it so often does. It’s hard to Hope, but Hope, nonetheless.

I also try to praise, but I’m terrible at it. Most days, the only thing for which I can brings myself to praise God is that he is there, offering hope, amidst the current calamity or dilemma.

Dilemmas have become a constant in my life over the last few years. At nearly every turn, I feel faced with the choice between two unequally desirable outcomes. I rise to help one person only to let another down; I try to improve one area of life, only to see another waiver. I seek to the right thing, but I feel punished for it.

Despite the dilemmas, I hope. And try to praise. Regardless of my response, I still believe. I believe God sees. I believe God never wrongs. I believe God heals as he desires, and his desire are always correct, as are the actions that spring from them. God embodies that which is good, true, and beautiful; his paths are right; his ways are just. Though I suffer as I navigate the present world, The Truth will move and endure and succeed, in goodness and beauty.

That give me reason to hope. And to Praise. Despite all else.