About C.J.

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A lifelong storyteller, C.J. Stunkard uses his writing to explore faith and truth. In 2013, C.J. released his first novel, Stronghold, a semi-autobiographical tale of one man’s confronting his addiction through spiritual warfare.

While working on future novels, C.J. also shares thoughts on writing, faith, and random self-indulgence on his personal website and blog, CJStunkard.com.

Holding to his faith in Jesus Christ as the anchor of his sobriety and source of hope and joy, C.J. desires to be a blessing to others and bring glory to God through his professional and personal life.

He currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife and their wonderful son, Landon.

According. To some locals, Landon can also been referred to as “Lando”; therefore, the Stunkard home is sometimes called, “Cloud City”. How fantastic is that?!?


C.J.’s Non-3LC Writings (Updated 01/2018)


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