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I am Ready to Post Now.

Posted by on Jun 20, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love

I don’t know who you are. Or when you are reading this.

But here you are, so here it goes:

If things are going well for you right now, breathe deeply and savor the good. The bad is coming. It always does this side of eternity, and it will again. That’s the ebb and flow of the mortal coil—good and bad, in fits and starts, in either direction and back again. And that’s okay. Just because the reprieve is not “happily ever after” does not mean the hard times will break you. On the contrary, if you have your head and soul focused on whom they should be, you’ll come through the storm a little stronger. You may savor the next period of good a little more deeply as a result. If it’s good right now, embrace it. Cherish it–but not too tightly–seasons change.


But my guess is that you are more likely struggling, hurting, or wrestling. I feel that most persons with whom I speak these days are. It’s a rough time for a great many of us, individually and collectively. If things are not going so well, breathe deeply and savor the good, but engage the hurt, the pain, and the heartache. Don’t bury it; it’ll fester. It’ll kill you on the deep, and that infection will make its way to the surface. Trust me. I know. I’m proof.

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2018 is finished. 2019 has begun.

Posted by on Feb 2, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love


Well, here’s the deal. The last two weeks in January held more mental and emotional challenges than I had expected. And spiritual ones. Social ones, also. Plus the professional and financial ones.

2018 was a rough year. 2019 is continuing the trend. 

And it’s only February.

That being said, I did not do the stoic, deep dive into 2018 that I desired, but this does not mean I did not think on it.

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The First Post of 2019 : I’m Not Ready to Post in 2019.

Posted by on Jan 12, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love, Writer's Diary

Not my most beautiful face, but it captures my recent spectrum of emotions nicely.

Well, we’re into the double digits of the year’s first month, and I am just now posting. Further, I am posting fast and loose, just to keep things timely (or at last somewhat timely).

I take full responsibility for the delay: I chalk it up to a combination of post-vacation challenges including jet lag and the missing-family-blues. On top of that, we had some bad beats this week. A car repair that was literally the value of the vehicle was coupled with a tough workweek to make for unproductive evenings used just to recharge and make it through the next day. I could write an entire post on the car issue. We knew it was having some problems in December, and I was praying that the Lord would just get us to/from the airport for our vacation in Europe. He did. The transmission went on Tuesday. Frankly, I think this hit was harder than any others, and we wrestled with it for a bit. I was feeling good about our financial position until Tuesday; now I’m on tilt. But that is what it is, and it’s not the purpose of this post.

All that said: here’s a brief on why I have not posted more on year-end 2018.

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Weekly Reflection: 12/15/2018

Posted by on Dec 15, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

The Last Weekly Reflection Selfie of 2018

Well, seems like just yesterday I was commenting on the speed of 2018’s passing…and here we are, with our last reflection of the year. Frankly, the timing could not be more poignant.

I’ll explain.

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Weekly Reflection: 12/8/2018

Posted by on Dec 8, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

Resolve + Hope = Zeal

The Christmas season has been hard this year. If you’ve been following the blog, you know I have had plenty to juggle. And I am fairly protective about specifics here, so you can assume there’s plenty beneath the surface also. So, that being said, I had a bit of a breakthrough during therapy on Tuesday, and it’s driven my attitude during the week.

Let’s get to it.

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