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Toys Are More Fun Together

Posted by on Nov 13, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love, Fun-funs

From a single row alone….to many rows together!


Took tonight’s #toytimetogether to the next level !

Typically, my toddler prefers to park our toys by himself and give me a dozen or so random toys to—well, to leave him alone with the other 70. Tonight, I convinced him that it would be more fun if we shared all the mini’s together and tried to fit them all on my #hasbro #marvel helicarrier from 2012 (a generous gift from my buddy, DEAN McC).

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Testing #ToyTimeTogether again

Posted by on Nov 5, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love

Lots of #toytimetogether between appointments today!

Putting toys on daddy’s back so he can’t get up, followed by a #Pixar #fisherprice #imaginext #pizaaplanet party full of #toystory and #dccomics Heroes, and finally #spaceranger training camp interrupted by #pikachu .

Not a bad afternoon.

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Testing #ToyTimeTogether

Posted by on Nov 4, 2019 in Faith, Hope, and Love

So I have been posting the gram again, mainly collages of my enjoying toys with my son. Lots of fun stuff, and it appeared that Instagram was going to allow me to share the content posted there on the blog…

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