Office Christmas displays 2019

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Home office Christmas Displays are in full fun this Christmas! Left shelf : My wife’s HOlday Lego sets, including a snowglobe, Bickheadz, and a small winter wonderland, in addition to a nutcracker, and the derpist of derpy designed Santa’s Lego has evr released—which is my personal favorite of her collection.  The Polar Express book in the back is my original copy from childhood. The Right Shelf contains my One2Believe Nativity, with bonuses. This is a particular favorite this year due to One2Believe’s overall Bible...

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This is the goods.

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Tonight, Landon and I just rolled through one of his toy bins taking out stuff we had forgot that we had, creating all manner of combinations just for creations’ sake, enjoying little bits of plastic in all their silliness and functionality, all the while sharing with one another, having fun, and savoring Toy Time Together. On instagram, I described it as “a cacophony of cars and characters featuring all manner of heroes in all manner of machines!” And it was. It was also the sort of casual bonding between father and sons...

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Playing Superheroes

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Weekend Toy Time Together = flying superheroes!!! Capturing a toddler mid-play when flying superheroes = nearly impossible!!! I picked a set of 5 Fisher Price DC Superheroes at a toy show I workedin September for $5. Sold the Lex Luther in my store to pay myself back for the whole lot, and now Landon and I can enjoy adventures with Green Lantern , Superman , Flash , and Aquaman. Plus Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear for good measure. I love that my son and I have had this time, even if he grows out of it far sooner than I want, which is...

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy thanksgiving! Today I am Thankful for faith, family, and friends. Also, for pajama mornings on holidays playing Cars with my little boy! And for bacon. We ate lots of bacon. Courtesy of my wife. Today’s morning included lots of toy time together. Sharing Star Wars Micro Machines, Additional Micro Machines for my eBay store, plus Disney Pixar Cars, Pizza Plamet, and more! Quite a morning, definitely much for which to be thankful! #pixar #cars #pizzaplanet #disney #toytimetogether #imaginext #toystory...

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Lincoln logs !

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This week’s ToyTimeTogether : Playskool Lincoln Logs with Vintage box. Yes, these are some original wooden construction toys, and our fun just goes to show: good toys last a long time! As the wardrobe changes attest, these were a hit almost every night this week! Lincoln Logs are an interesting beast. I feel like it takes a lot of foresight to actually build something well, and even then I don’t particularly do a good job of it. Landon loved to put one of the medium connectors between two of the small wooden connecting pins and call it...

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Prophets…And Monkeys

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Lots of great #toytimetogether this past weekend. First, I introduced my son to the #talesofglory toy line composed of cartoonish static figures from well-known #Bible stories. We had an excellent time discussing #Jonah , who tried to run away from God but then he made a good choice and did what God asked him to do. I love speaking to my son about our relationship to God. It’s one of my favorite things. On the other hand, we also played with the animals from #Noah ‘s ark with my son’s #fisherprice #imaginext jungle playset, and he decided...

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Proud Color-Coded Parking

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Great night of #toytimetogether, parking #galoob #micromachines by color. So proud of my boy and his ability to focus and work together. He was proud of himself, too. Wanted me to take some pictures of some special rows he...

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Toys Are More Fun Together

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  Took tonight’s #toytimetogether to the next level ! Typically, my toddler prefers to park our toys by himself and give me a dozen or so random toys to—well, to leave him alone with the other 70. Tonight, I convinced him that it would be more fun if we shared all the mini’s together and tried to fit them all on my #hasbro #marvel helicarrier from 2012 (a generous gift from my buddy, DEAN McC). It worked, and he could not get enough of us working together to fit all the collection on the ship. Plus, he loved lifting it up so they all slid...

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Unexpected Happenings at playtime.

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Sometimes the most wonderful and surprising things happen during #toytimetogether … like Spider-man riding an AT-AT because—well, just because. #starwars #atat #spiderman #spectacularspiderman #hasbro...

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More #toytimetogether

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Today, #toytimetogether was spent inspecting and parking new #galoob #micromachines and #funrise inventory for daddy’s #EBay store !!! … And maybe picking a select few to join our growing collection! Please, Check out my current listings...

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