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Last week, I published an interview with Ben De Bono, co-host of The Sci-Fi Christian Podcast, which is my favorite podcast currently running (and easily in my top 5 of all time). Today we’ll learn more about the history and mission of the podcast from co-host Matt Anderson.

Matt Anderson is really nice guy—–the kind of nice guy whose friends (like, Ben De Bono) tell him he’s too nice. From listening to the show, you can Matt’s the type who uses a heart’s compass in making decisions, who aches to do what he feels to be the right thing. I can attest to this because our personalities are very similar.

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Where do I start with The Sci-Fi Christian? I love this podcast.

Co-hosts Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono share a real gift through their show. They provide excellent insight and natural conversation on a wealth of topics ranging from Free Will to Star Wars (of course), and they do so in a way that makes the listener not only informed but better suited to engage content going forward. Over the next two weeks, we’ll get to know both Ben and Matt better, but I assure you that my interviews will not do justice to who these guys are and what they do.

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In God’s Image : Podcaster : Tyler Smith

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Tyler Smith is the sort of online Christian voice other Christians claim they want to hear. He is knowledgeable and well-spoken, modest and sincere. He respects that the secular world has vivid insight into great truths, and he admires skill and beauty where he finds them.

Tyler’s holistic Christian faith is evidenced consistently through comments on two podcasts he hosts: Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson.  The former show is well-known in the online film community for providing a mindful look at various facets of film and film culture—-facets that may not be covered elsewhere in the podcast landscape. On a program like this, one might have reason to hide their faith, but Tyler is both open and bold without being off-putting. The latter show is a solo, personal project with a more focused goal of viewing film and filmmaking through a Christian lens.

It was through More Than One Lesson that I first discovered Tyler’s work, and I became quickly enamored with the show  because he spent time on films that go overlooked in the podcast community: specifically films aimed at the Christian subculture. Tyler provides mindful insight on well-known evangelical motion pictures such as God’s Not Dead and several works of Kirk Cameron, but he also spends time on lesser known (but arguably better) spiritually-minded pictures like Believe Me. I will leave you to listen to episodes of the show in order to get Tyler’s opinion on these and others, but be assured: Tyler is exceedingly fair and gracious in his comments, even and especially when they may be considered “harsh”.

In the online world of pithy retorts, mocking memes, and death threats, a balanced and meek voice like Tyler’s should be appreciated and cherished—-particularly as he is an ambassador for The Kingdom to many who otherwise might hear little regarding matters of the Christian faith.

Please join me in getting to know Tyler Smith better, and be sure to check out his site and shows on iTunes:

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In God’s Image : Author : Luke Gilkerson

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Luke Gilkerson is a champion among men. He is an author and one of the primary personnel behind the Covenant Eyes software. Not only that, but he was the first (and one of the few) bloggers/influencers willing to read Stronghold (He even interviewed me about it). Luke has always shown himself to be humble, kind, and compassionate—-whether in his comments on the Covenant Eyes blog or in his personal e-mail correspondence.

Nearly two years after Stronghold’s initial release, I was very glad to be back in touch with Luke, who was willing readily to participate in our ongoing In God’s Image Series.

Please join me in getting to know Luke Gilkerson better:

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In God’s Image: Author & Podcaster: Nathan James Norman

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I first encountered Nathan James Norman during his appearance on the Strangers and Aliens podcast’s episode entitled, “What Makes Christian Fiction Good?” (also on itunes). Nathan’s thoughts were both articulate and interesting, and I listened to his conversation with host Ben Avery (who I interviewed HERE) more than once.

According to his website, Nathan James Norman is a “Husband. Father. Pastor. Storyteller. Reader. Comic Fan. Slave of the Lord Jesus Christ.” That means he and I have a great deal in common. Granted, I’ve not yet become a father, and I won’t be a pastor anytime soon (unless they stop requiring things like seminary), but other than that, Nathan James and I are pretty much on the same page.

That being the case, I was very grateful to Nathan for his willingness to take part in my In God’s Image Interview Series. Nathan’s The Untold Podcast is a very interesting and unique show that provides audio recordings of short stories that engage the culture’s imagination while also presenting truth and spiritual food for thought.

Please join me in getting to know Nathan James Norman:

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In God’s Image: Author : Ben Avery

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Ben Avery is a versatile writer who has followed his dream since childhood. A truly talented and modest author, Ben has played in the big leagues with Zondervan and also served as an integral part of the continually growing and consistently excellent Kingstone Media (Ben wrote Book of God and Job, both of which I recommended).

Despite his busy life as a father and freelance contributor, Ben took the time to participate in my ongoing In God’s Image interview series, wherein I ask the same (or, at least, very similar) questions to creative types. Below he provides a wonderful picture of how the writer’s life may look: one “lives the dream”, but the work is hard, and things do not always work out like they would in one’s own mind. Fortunately for each of us, the author of our personal story knows best, and we can trust that difficulty now may be a great blessing in disguise.

Please join me in getting to know Ben Avery.

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