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The Second Season of Trek : The Next Generation gets off to a rough start but once it finds its footing, one begins to get a sense of just how good it can get. The absence of certain characters is felt from the outset, and the reliance on the holodeck in the first few eps feels like a real misstep. Fortunately, by episodes 7 and 8, the show turns a corner and gets solid.

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Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in Reviews & Recommendations

This past weekend, the United States celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who in my estimation may be one of the single greatest figures our country has ever produced.

Of course, the United States America and its citizenry are very prone to elevate individuals rather than groups, to find figureheads to place far above the many people that make them the success that they are. The Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s was no different, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is specifically celebrated because he became something of the “face of the movement”. The truth, however, is that countless individuals contributed to the progress made during this historic time, and these individuals were as integral to the movement as Dr. King.

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Review: Time Well Spent at Downton Abbey

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Reviews & Recommendations

Tonight, my wife and I finished the series finale of the recent pop culture phenomenon, Downton Abbey. If you’ve not heard of the program, it is a A PBS masterpiece original that follows one of the great houses of England at the turn of the 19th century into the industrial revolution, through the pangs of The First Great War, and the changing times of the 1920’s that followed.

The show centers on the residents of the great house known as Downton Abbey, both the lords and ladies as well as the servants and several of the villagers with whom the household interacts. The show is a program for adults, dealing with social drama, classism, and a variety of other topics that are relevant in our current age.

Perhaps that’s why Downton did so well during its initial run—-not the fact that it is shot beautifully and written wonderfully (though it is both of those things) —- but rather that it speaks to dilemmas that are timeless and relatable to the human condition just as much in 21st century America as they were 100 years ago across the pond in England.

A more skilled writer than I could easily transpose many of the situations that occur over the show’s six seasons to another time in another place that would still resonate with modern audiences.

For me the show resulted in three major reflections, and I thought worth sharing.

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Recommendation: Beginnings by Steve Wiens

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Reviews & Recommendations

From NavPress
Written by Steve Wiens
*PLEASE NOTE: I received a physical copy of this book to review for the publisher.

They awake the same way each morning—in a haze of gray. The hours they sleep do not matter, nor does the weather outdoors. The alarm sounds; their eyes open; they leave the warmth of their bed and fight—they fight—just to get themselves started. These are our neighbors; these are our relatives. Maybe this is us.

We find ourselves in these hard times, these times where the living itself is a struggle, and we hope for renewal, newness. A new start.

A beginning.

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