Structural Integrity , a Duplo Story

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Last night, I was stacking Duplo blocks with my son. He’s three now and will turn four in May. As I was interlocking blocks of various size to form a U-shaped wall, he was stacking 2×2 bricks several dozen high, and his towers kept on collapsing.

After a few tumbled, he asked, “Daddy, why does it keep falling down?”

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Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker : Review

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Looking for answers…

Spoiler free:
Full disclosure: I was wholly aware of the script leaks via YouTube and had an idea of the whole plot of nearly the entire film—nearly sequence for sequence—prior to entering the theatre; therefore, I did NOT get the emotional rollercoaster intended, which affected my overall experience. 

I enjoyed my time mostly while watching this movie, which is more than I can say for other first viewings of Disney StarWars movies…

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Prophets…And Monkeys

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Lots of great #toytimetogether this past weekend.

First, I introduced my son to the #talesofglory toy line composed of cartoonish static figures from well-known #Bible stories. We had an excellent time discussing #Jonah , who tried to run away from God but then he made a good choice and did what God asked him to do. I love speaking to my son about our relationship to God. It’s one of my favorite things.

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A sampling of my available inventory


This SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 2017, I will be at THE COMIC BOOK SHOP’s ANNUAL TOY SHOW  with not only all the above PICTURED ITEMS but also many more toys—including over 100 Freebies!!!!

At last count, I had 700+ total items on deck and I am looking to move them!!!

Plus, the event is a donation drive for Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, and TCBS is having it’s excellent Storewide 25% Off Sale all weekend, so there will be much to enjoy!!!

The goal is for this to be a family friendly show, so feel free to bring the kids. Here’s a sampling of what I’ll have (and I am just one of the vendors!):

  • Free fast food toys, children’s toys, and some free action figures.
  • Lego sets (from $5-150) and minifigures ($3 and up)
  • Mixed lots of figures at deep discount
  • Bins of $1 figures and and $1 lots
  • Themed lots for Marvel, DC, TMNT,
  • Loose Hasbro and Toybiz Marvel legends ($3 and up)
  • Loose Hasbro Marvel Universe figures ($4 and up)
  • Loose Movie and TV figures (McFarlane, DST, Mattel, LOTR) ($4 and up)
  • Carded Pixar Cars ($1.50 and up)

Plus much more!!!!!!!!!!


1855 Marsh Road

Wilmington, DE 19810


Start time 10:00 AM!!! 

Check out more details at :

twitter: @ComicBookShopDE

Instagram: ComicBookShopDE

Facebook: The Comic Book Shop

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