Weekly Debriefs 2018

Weekly Debrief 02/17/2018

Posted by on Feb 17, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

Pensive face. I get this alot…

The boy is back in town.

Sorry. That reference is kind of a personal requirement for me. Anyway. It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. My wife and I were treated to a trip to SoCal, nearabouts where we spent the first 6 years of our marriage, and I didn’t think I’d have the ability to post. Truth told: I could have, but I chose not to. The time I would have spent was instead used to read through the first book of DUNE (which happens to be on my 2018 reading list).

Major Highlight of the trip:

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Here Comes the Hiatus

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in Faith, Hope, and Love, Weekly Debriefs 2018

Hi All,

Quick word, fast and loose. I’m headed to sunny southern California early tomorrow morning, and my ability to blog with any consistency and ease is uncertain at best and most likely, unlikely.

That being said, No weekly debriefs will hit this Saturday (2/3) or next (2/10), but the past few days of this week since the debrief on 1/27 have been good.

Over the weekend, I knocked out another item of my “To Experience” goals of 2018, a 1979 Science Fiction film from Russia called STALKER. Long story short: it’s a game changer, and it’s been making me reflect on the question, “what if your innermost desire was evil, and it was so buried inside you didn’t know what it even was?”. This is a fascinating and worthwhile ting to ask oneself. I’ll be talking about this film more in the weeks to come.

The Lord’s faithfulness is also incredible. Obviously, with how much life has improved, this has been a constant theme in my day-to-day, but clear and amazing blessings have been hitting recently, particularly in regard to getting help as soon as the needs arise. I’ve been pretty stunned.

Seriously, all, my life is really good these days, and it’s wonderful to be carrying that mindset into vacation!!

Will have more in about two weeks!

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Weekly Debrief 01/27/2018

Posted by on Jan 27, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

My Buds and me doing a selfie (kinda)

Well, January is wrapping up faster than I would have expected. This time next week we’ll be in February, and I’ll be in California to see wonderful friends for a week. As of now, I’m looking forward to a busy few days of work, prep, travel, and good times. I expect it to be even better than this past week, which wasn’t all that bad itself.

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Weekly Debrief 01/20/2018

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

I find it hard to believe that we are already more than halfway through the first month of 2018. But time flies when—well, time just flies regardless. This year has started well, and I believe it will continue to  be great. I have a pretty full ten days ahead before heading to Southern California for vacation. I cannot express how excited I am for that trip. We’ll be seeing some great friends, eating great food, and hopefully drinking in plenty of warm sunshine. I think my soul will be well fed for the month of February. But we’re still some days from takeoff, so how bout a look at the last week.

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Weekly Debrief 01/13/2018

Posted by on Jan 13, 2018 in Weekly Debriefs 2018

[Full disclosure: this pic is from 1/15/18, and I retconned it onto this post. It is just that good.]

Alright, alright, alright. Another week. Another Debrief in brief—-well, kinda brief.

Let’s roll.

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