Weekly Updates 2020

03/21/2020 Another End to Another Week

Posted by on Mar 15, 2020 in Weekly Updates 2020

Swag? Nah.

So, despite early intentions, I have no post for 3/14 or midweek. I’m learning that the responsibilities and needs related to my new job at G.Fedale Roofing and Siding, in conjunction with my maintaining a flow of income in EBay are requiring a bit more time, effort, and energy than I originally anticipated. Plus, I am trying to be more mindful of spending quality time with Jam and Landon as we make this shift, which also requires concerted choices.

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2/15/2020 Truth Be Told

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Life is going to be harder than you can possibly imagine.

The hard roads always feel the longest.

Day-in, Day-out we struggle. We toil. We grind. It never feels like it’s enough, not for the things we really want. We endure our weeks by interspersing our struggles with numbing trivialities or moments of pleasure. If we are lucky, we experience goodness, truth, and beauty; but in our culture, we must make an effort to do so. It’s not often trending on Youtube or recommended on Amazon Prime ; it’s not a category on Netflix and iTunes does not send you reminders for it. If you want it, you need to find it, and savor it when you do.

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02/01/2020 Finding Focus

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Thinking Things

We are a month into 2020. I feel like February arrives far more quickly than I expect every year. It is what it is.

Some days, life feels this way: it is what it is. My therapist and I had a good conversation on Thursday, wherein we agreed that over the last 2 years I have become more pessimistic and caustic in general. To some degree, the sentimental optimism of my youth has gone silent and been replaced by a rather firm realist. To be fair, this development is inevitable as one ages and carries a deeper disappointments, regrets, and burdens; but I found it rather eye-opening to have my therapist tell me it’s evident in my language and manner, at least with him.

Now that I have that update out of the way, here’s some other lighter items:

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1/18/2020 Gaining Momentum

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Upcoming Action Face

Last week, I was feeling low. Illness does that. And brooding. Fortunately, a week can do wonders. After spending the last few days working hard, getting back on the eBay taskset, and having a handful of successes, I am feeling that 2020 is beginning to take shape. Hope is the air at our house. It makes for good, deep breathing.

I’ll get down to a few bullet points to sum up the last seven days:

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